Xojo.Core.Locale that matches RFC1123

Is there a standard “Locale” that formats Date/Time in RFC1123 format?

Which format do you specifically need ?
And FWIW probably not as locale is more concerned about localization issues - do you use commas or periods as number separators, - or / for date separators and almost none of those are IETF formats
from RFC’s

I thought there was only one format that’s RFC 1123 (for compatibility)? e.g.:

Sun, 06 Nov 1994 08:49:37 GMT

Date and Xojo.Core.Date functions are pretty weak it seems…

The dont include RFC specific required formats since those are not locale specific or really locale related
You’ll probably have to format it manually
Just have to be careful that if the RFC specifies “english day and month names” and you run on a non-English system that you probably have to manually do those conversions as well since any of the “to string” forms will probably include non-english day and month names. :slight_smile:

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