Xojo CodeBank?!

While programming in Delphi I frequently use Delphi Ultimate CodeBank.

I was wondering if anyone has created similar code collection for Xojo.

I searched the net but could not find one.

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Norman offers his “kitchen sink” starter kit which has a bunch of already built functions.


that preferences code is a much smaller footprint than the macoslib I’ve been using. :open_mouth:

And it reads / writes macOS Windows & Linux :slight_smile:


Kitchen is a great initiative. I never knew it existed.

Thank you for it.

This is a great initiative but would it not be greater if there was an official code snippet app with Tons of code snippets that explains what it does and how to use along with dependencies if any.

Just my thoughts.

Note: Today I fired up Xojo IDE after almost 8 months of non use just for opening the project of Kitchen Sink!!

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Many years ago ARBP (Association of RealBasic Professionals) website attempted a code sharing repo. Didn’t get much traction for lots of various reasons. One being that the community is so small. Another being we were trying to get new members and had it behind a paywall. Three, like many things associated with RB/Xojo things quickly became old and deprecated.

This was before Github and GitLab became open source havens. Given that many Xojo users use binary format exclusively it’s not nearly as convenient for those folks to use Git.


The binary format requirement recently changed. I hope that changes this situation also.

Only on Linux though