Xojo can be so infuraiting

@beatrixwillius case about her app hard crashing. Xojo: Account Login

It’s not like I haven’t been proactively informing people of this and how to enable crashOnNSException, yet it goes ignored by current Xojo employees. Greg did pay attention and even explained how to enable it system wide.

I have filed a feedback asking Xojo to capture these exceptions and forward them through the Xojo framework, but Xojo chose to ignore my feedback. Xojo: Account Login

Then to make of point of saying that declares to access the OS preferences system (to enable crash on NSException) are unsupported and shouldn’t be used, was the icing on the cake. 11 years ago I requested support for just this, once again ignored. Xojo: Account Login

Xojo chose to ignore this information, then claim @beatrixwillius crash must have been something on her Macs as it was unreproducible. Alarm bells should have gone off when nothing was added to the PopupMenu and no error was raised by the IDE, but they didn’t.

I am irritated that my cases get auto ignored, but in this situation, I warned Xojo of this and they didn’t care. Will they now? To be honest, I don’t have confidence they will.

Xojo Inc‘s own advertisement:

Xojo abstracts you from the platform details allowing you to focus your time and energy on what makes your app unique.

Shockingly untrue.


me either

and that , in a nutshell, from The Green Co CEO, is totally self unaware of how it applies to their situation



unreproducible since they didnt try in a different NON US language from what I can tell

At least change the locale, formatting conventions, language etc to something else and give it a go ???

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Most of us gave a lot of time and effort in testing, feedback, and promotion of the product. Your situation mirrors many of ours. There comes a point when you throw your arms up and say “f*** it”