Xojo Blogs and Resources

I know that Xojo Inc maintains a listing of blogs and other websites related to Xojo development but that list is highly censored. For example, Bob Keeney’s blog and even this site currently aren’t on it! Sites are also often removed from the list if someone posts anything that Geoff Perlman doesn’t like so I thought I would create a post to keep an alphabetically sorted list. If you would like the list amended then PM me or @npalardy and we will update it.



  • BKeeney Briefs. Long time Xojo software developer Bob Keeney always offers constructive criticism of Xojo and posts tidbits of useful information relating to years of being a Xojo consultant.
  • Camp Software. INN forum member @HalGumbert is a Xojo software developer who also occasionally blogs about Xojo.
  • The Monkeybread Blog. Christian writes insightful posts about Xojo. MBS are the creators of the huge MBS plugin suite.
  • Phillip Zedalis’ blog. Phillip occasionally blogs about various Xojo topics.
  • Tim Parnell’s blog. Tim is a prolific forum poster and Xojo developer who used to work with Bob Keeney at BKeeney Software. He has started a new Xojo blog.
  • Views of a Coder. Thomas Tempelmann posts super useful tips and code.
  • Writing From The Sticks. Former Xojo engineer and popular INN forum member Norman Palardy (@npalardy) writes a mixture of quick Xojo tips and deep dives into programming topics with Xojo.
  • The Zaz. Former Xojo engineer (and creator of Xojo Web 1.0) Thom McGrath posts (often critical) opinions on Xojo.

Third Party Controls / Plugins

  • Einhugur plugins. A fantastic collection of really useful plugins for Xojo desktop projects.
  • GraffitiSuite. Anthony Cyphers sells a great suite of UI classes for both Xojo desktop and web projects.
  • The MonkeyBread plugin. This almost needs no introduction. Christian Schmitz writes this almighty plugin that adds thousands of features to Xojo.Well worth the money, even for hobbyist developers.
  • StackView - Xojo Classes to implement StackViews by using ContainerControls
  • Valentina - One of the oldest plugin supporters of Xojo with ValentinaDB ADK for Xojo, Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo and integration with Valentina Server.

Open Source Xojo Components

Raspberry Pi


  • XoPro. This website gives a dashboard displaying recent posts in the online world of Xojo. Essentially it pulls RSS feeds from a variety of blogs and other sources.
  • Xojo to Windows API conversions A useful list of conversions for Windows API calls
  • Eugene Dakins Github Author of the "I wish I knew how to … " books on xDev Eugene has 7 repositories available.
  • MacOSLib repository of the MacOS library which contains tons of useful Cocoa declares for macOS
  • Alex Restrepo Alex Restrepo’s github repositories for Listbox Custom Cells and RBComposer (a greta custom drawing example)
  • Ohanaware resources @samRowlands excellent code for dealing with app nap, app store receipts, media library and other macOS technologies
  • ImagePlay Sources for Thomas Eckerts ImagePlay library which lets you do a lot of image manipulation in pure Xojo code
  • iOSDesignExtensions Jeremy Leroy’s open source iOS extensions for Xojo
  • Mac Technologies Kem Tekinay’s open source github repositories
  • [Brandon Skrtich]https://github.com/beardedio/XojoControls Gihub repository with several eopn source custom controls
  • Bernardo Monsalve Bernardo Monsalves open source projects on github including a PDF engine (DBreportPDF)