Xojo Absolute paths for CopyFiles

Is there a way to specify an absolute path for a CopyFile file path in the build automation?
I move my source files around and it would be nice to not have to keep dragging in the files when I move the source.

move source files ?
doesnt that screw with using version control ( you DO use version control right ? )

copy files prefers relative paths
I dont think there is a way to say use absolute paths vs relative

Copy. I would LOVE to use version control if the IDE supported it! :slight_smile:
For now, versions are kept separate. It’s simply easier.

If I can’t do absolute paths for file copies I’ll add that to the build script instead.


use a text project ?
that its not built into the IDE doesnt stop you from using it

True, but I’m too lazy to use it without integrated support.
I hate extra steps. Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! :slight_smile:

for me beats the heck out of not having history, ability to revert changes, etc etc

neither git nor svn is hard to use purely locally

but different strokes for different folks


If you use App Wrapper, you can get App Wrapper to add the files to your bundle for you. It currently uses absolute paths if the files are stored externally, unless the files are stored within the App Wrapper document.

Love App Wrapper, but for beta and internal builds it’s overkill. I save it for when I do major releases.

I’ve reorganized my folders so that the resources I need copy over to the new location each time. Thanks, all!