Xojo 2022r2

Release notes

Thank GOD, thy finally fixed this:

“To match properties, use As instead of as when showing method return types in the Navigator.”

Oh it was so horrible to see “as” instead of “As” all these years! :joy:

Seriously, though, it’s nice to see some cleanup of the IDE, including some truly nasty stuff like deletion of things in the Navigator if forward-delete is hit in the search field.

If it wasn’t for having to prefix everything with “desktop”, I’d renew my license.


I do not case because this key does not exists on my conputer (laptop)… :ukraine::joy:

I get your pain. Thankfully, this key is on my keyboard. A requirement for me :wink:

depending on the laptop the fwd-delete is fn-delete

Or the totally random CTRL+H for delete, which is a common shortcut for replace in other apps.

Not random.
Backspace key is chr(8) and control-h is a way to press that as H is the 8th letter of the alphabet.

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Yes, but was the bug there too ?

ps: fn-Return = Enter (yes, I use this one often)

Random by virtue that its not listed anywhere in the ide as a shortcut and so shouldn’t trigger.

Dont think the TextInputCanvas even can tell the difference between the Backspace key and Ctrl-H. At least not unless it reads the physical keyboard key code, which I dont think it does, they both appear “the same” to it.
And reading key codes is problematic at any rate since they vary simply by physical layout

The C source is all on Xojo’s GitHub account

In that regard I think Christian is correct about why it works the way it does

Try things like Ctrl-M → Chr(13) which should be a CR
Ctrl-J which should be a LF

Something must be able to tell the difference because you can can rebind CTRL+H to something like open “What’s New in Xojo”. Now it does that instead of causing the deletion of something in the nav when I hit CTRL+H. The fact that I can rebind CTRL+H to something else shows that Delete and CTRL+H can do two different things. If CTRL+H is unbound, it should throw the press away and not pass it on to the Delete handler.

the OS figures that out and passes a event saying to invoke the menu code for that ever item

once it gets to TextInputCanvas its “just another character”

I dont think TIC handles it quite that way so it sees “a character” - basically a backspace

There may even be code internally in the code editor implementation that supports Emacs style key bindings
It existed at one time so things like mark & yank worked and they used things like ctrl+M, ctrl+Y and several others

but I dont recall all those

file a bug report and see what happens :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and macOS and Windows MAY be different in their handling of menus as well
macOS can have menu short cuts with NOT meta keys (cmd, ctrl, shift, alt)
I dont think Windows supports that
I doubt that factors in to this at all but could in some scenarios

Deja Vu


Accelerator tables in windows can handle and differentiate between all key combinations either by virtual-key code or ascii depending on what you want to handle which include modifiers.

Sure I have no doubt that set up right that it can be done

Makes me think that in some places they dont have a menu handler set up
And others they do so in some places it IS just a backspace as Christian said way way back

No need to debate this endlessly since you and I cant alter the code
Only Xojo folk can