Xojo 2020r2 and build scripts / App Wrapper temporary solution

Congratulations to the Xojo team for shipping a monumental release of Xojo. I am slowly working my way all the changes.

Some customers are reporting issues when using IDE Build scripts feedback://showreport?report_id=62773, while this is being worked on, I’m sharing a temporary solution.

  1. Set the build script to be Debug only. ![](upload://9s51ihJKmVsz5UbalUMTAN7sIho.jpeg)
  2. Build your app in Xojo, wait for it to finish.
  3. Open the built application in App Wrapper 4.
  4. Select "Wrap" from the "Process" menu. ![](upload://3MIfiuYPewmWPvVCLwwIcjrSsWS.jpeg)
  5. Next time you build, re-open App Wrapper, re-open the document (if needs be) and "Wrap".

It is not as neat as a fully integrated solution, but I don't think it will be long before this problem is addressed.

the way they build universals is just to run the x86 and ARM builds one after the other which is why you get build scripts running twice
its a simple way to approach it but also has issues as people have discovered

I guess it has something to do with workers, as they can build the debug version just fine in one pass. But not the actual build.

debug workers are xojo threads
when they build its an actual separate console app

I saw that, makes it really awkward to do advanced stuff as you simply can’t test it without building, and at that point you lost the ability to peek at the code or see the line where an exception is occurring.

I really wish Xojo had worked with a bunch of us to understand what we want to do with workers and how they can adapt their solution to suit these tasks.

My main gripe is unhappy AW customers where the build script changes are breaking the workflow and me trying to see if I can find a better solution to the problem.

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Or just to say “this is how the universal builder needs to work” :stuck_out_tongue:

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get them to complain to Xojo about how universals and such are built as its just so wrong and invokes multiple build scripts etc

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Already fixed: feedback://showreport?report_id=62773

I don’t understand why the Feedback system doesn’t sent out emails when the status is changed to fixed.

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that would be nice

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