XDC “Pausing”

As a rule, I remain deeply relaxed for quite a long time, but pretty much everything about this post on TOF is wrong, especially since it implicitly tells us that the pros would still belong to the target group after all.

A nice example of how brainwashing and internet bubbles work.

Unbelievable, no shocking.

One can only hope that the younger generation of pros never find this nonsense, because TOF, INN and Xojo are and will remain completely meaningless and irrelevant to these peers.

645 public repositories for the word xojo in a repository name on github … Easy to understand, most repos are probably private, or the millions of github students aren’t proud to mention Xojo in their name, which seems unlikely for beginners. </cynicism off>

Content matters, show content and people will come.
Quality matters, deliver quality and people will come.
Trust matters, be trustful and people won’t leave.
Don’t ban people, and people might attend and spread the word.


Spot on. Nothing will get better until the Xojo bugs are addressed.


Exactly Kevin’s post was the reason that I logged in on TOF again today after a long time and gave a like, “thumb ups” are not allowed on TOF, otherwise I would have added all possible supporting emojis too :slight_smile:


Let’s imagine Samsung would introduce a completely flawed product. They don’t even have to think about a conference until they have solved the problem.

Reading this from TOF I am a bit shocked not to say totally shocked. How ca a thinking human be so far away from reality? There is not only a small bunch of Open Source Developers making Software for money. Nearly all professional Developers making software to earn Money. Nice example? Karl Tauber, Music, author of JFormdesigner and the open Source Project FlatLaf. Not a small Project but.

And so I could give many examples for Developers which doing both: Open Source and closed Source. Languages like Java, C++, C, Python, C#, Javascript and many more. But one thing I am missing. The Xojo Developers. Looking on the amount of Repositories for Java I find much more than 77,677 code results for Xojo. Java has 539,104,216 code results. Yes, 77k against 539 Million. 644 Repositories for Xojo are looking like a big amount. 2,727,387 (nearly three million repositories) for Java showing what is the difference between a niche language with a few users and a major language with millions of users. We do not have to discuss that Xojo never had a username like Java has.

Looking deeper into the Repositories we’ll find out: many professional programmers, even the flatly stuffs are important. Why? While it is used by Software vendors around the globe for their Software and that happens to many repositories. And yes, there is also open source stuffs nobody needs. But hey, there is a big amount of needed Stuffs professionals using for their Software. I would never go so far to say that programmers of other languages are not working for money but Xojo users does.

There is nothing what you can do with Xojo but not with Java, C++ or other languages. But there is much you can’t do with Xojo not even in hundred years. And so I can’t see the Hail to the Company and Xojo is the greatest ever.

The view I have is: Xojo is sinking and has less capabilities than other languages have and you can do all stuffs with them and you will not be limited in your capabilities by tons of Bugs which are not getting fixed. Showstoppers over and over are not helping to make a System more stable. They help to switch to another one.

By the way: the events are definitely looking old aged. There is missed all the todays possibilities have. Therefore I would make it as Online events. Not meeting but Online Meeting. So everybody can participate and listen. So I agree with Lars about that he wrote on tOF word for word.

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A true Xojo Inc reply. All great, all fine, nothing to watch here, move along.
I won‘t even watch the next keynote, the last one was just too funny:
Xojo Inc is adequately staffed :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Oh no, not old men :face_vomiting:
Let’s just club them to death and get it over with …

In their eyes they are adequately staffed. If you think not…they have a different meaning. I know guys from oracle working on Java. I wouldn’t say I could compare one of them with the Xojo staffs. But that while…yes the oracle ones holding master degrees in mathematics, physics, computer science and having years of experience in that what they are doing. but, possibly, I have the wrong view on it and the degree says nothing. But one thing a master degree in mathematics or physics says. that the person has a deep mathematical understanding. And that’s helping doing that kind of Job. But what do they care. Staffs like compiler guys are not really needed like we can see. And Android will soon be released. Ahh. Nay. Android is released when it is ready. I forgot.

Xojo for Android not ready yet? You must be kidding.

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Naa, I am not. I was just checking. No, no Android at all. But for me Android will never come while I do not pay for it anymore. so I guess: possibly Android may come one day in future. I said yes to Xojo while a customer wanted it. I said also yes while Android came. The result was: I could rewrite the entire stuff I have done with Xojo and write in Java. Mobile with CodenameOne, Web with Vaadin. Sorry that I can’t provide Xojo for Android. But at the end: what they just do is Kotlin based. So I can say: you could write your Apps in Kotlin with CodenameOne or even with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. And I am nearly sure: your’e ready with learning before it releases.

Xojo Android won’t likely be ready even when they pretend that it’s ready.

But but those big brown eyes they look at you all sad and …

oh wait

thats the seal pups :slight_smile:

popcorn and coke prepared… all eyes on TOF… somebody wanna bet?


Kevin’s words ring true for me too.

I persisted with Xojo because I don’t want to learn a new language or tool. I want to build apps. However when 2.0 All The Things™ became what Xojo wanted me to do, I was put in the position of re-writing to stay where I am or moving to a new tool/language to get things that could actually benefit my apps.

I still don’t want to learn a new language/tool, but am reluctantly doing so.


Sam, I believe nobody of us wanted to learn something new, leaving lots of mature code of many projects, all the quirks and knowledge behind. This is the vendor lock-in, normal tech companies try to achieve: To keep their customers loyal. To find a balance between long term professionals and onboarding newbies. Well, just another thing XOJO and its mastermind Management disastrously missed. Maybe another indication, how lost XOJO really is?


I already went under the sea through that tunnel. It is just boring, only darkness outside and from time to time a light.

At the time I went (2001) the train slowed down severely in the middle of the tunnel because they had to switch electricity from wires above to a rail on the tracks. I don’t know if that is still the same.

“All user conferences have issues”