XDC day two - Open Discussion?

Today is announced in TOF as an ‘open discussion’ day.

The schedule says nothing about an ‘open discussion’. Only a panel discussion is announced:

In a panel discussion only panelists and a moderator talk. The topics are given. No ‘open discussion’. Marketing shenanigans again.

I think the OP of that meant “here’s an open discussion of the things being presented today” rather than “there’s an open discussion session going on at XDC”

the said there isnt much discussion
just “here’s whats being presented”

the Charts are interesting since, yes, they exist on web iOS & desktop
similarities stop there though
the web ones are based on ChartJS
the desktop ones are home grown Xojo code
dunno about iOS but they may be yet something else

and so a chart you make on the web doesnt look like that on desktop (no idea about iOS)

x-platform sort of

This panel is the antithesis of ‘open discussion’:

I caught the main message

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 21.50.05

Pletora of youngsters… :innocent:

define “young” :stuck_out_tongue:

Simple. Everybody before his 65. birthday is YOUNGSTER

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YAY I’m young again :stuck_out_tongue: !!!

:partying_face: :partying_face:

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Cost is likely a factor for the age demographic but as someone who attended and just got back home i thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to catch up with friends old and new which has always been the attraction for me.


IMHO that’s part of the problem, isn’t it? The community is very nice, the employees are all nice. You can’t blame the employees for not being motivated, and you still have to take your hat off to the fact that the boss had and has a great and worthwhile vision.

But all this helps relatively little (aka nothing) if you end up in a dead end. The first time it’s just annoying, if it happens multiple times you ask yourself questions and look for causes. And when this communication is no longer desired on TOF, phenomena such as INN occur. Of course no one should take every pointed comment personally, at least the people I know better here can also laugh at themselves.


Jeannot how often I told ya that you should not place photos of us in a private situation online,how often :slight_smile:

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Not sure how to answer but despite the recent history many people still use the product including myself. It is fair to say that I never have experienced the bugs and workaround scenarios that others have as a predominamtly windows user it just does what I need as a ‘hobbyist’. There was certainly no shortage of people making some serious livings with their niche XOJO applications in the room with me.

It is sad to me that the community split and expertise and advocates were lost but there comes a time when as humans the constant disagreement and occasional nastiness wears you down i guess despite what maybe tne person sees as a ‘well intentioned’ desire to make the product better. I read that frustration daily on here but as people have moved on this also brings a wealth of new knowledge of other tools and different ways of doing things that a company may not wish to see on its competing products site.

I know I am in a minority here but the product still serves my needs and the community overall is still welcoming and if I don’t like something I just scroll on by which is what i guess is a similar way of dealing with negativity.

I still use web 1 for a web app and have no intention to change it to web 2. I use api 2 in new projects and stick with api 1 in old projects or a mix. Its great that I can mix and match in cases as i see fit and that if nothing comes along that I need i can still use my old licenses without renewal. I know this is not possible for others and that some of these changes basically erased 20 years of knowledge which won’t be easily replaced but at XDC I did not see anything but positivity and a desire for more XOJO which is unsurprising at a conference about it.

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The meeting certainly took place in good spirit and mood. However that group of people who see enough benefit in Xojo and in gathering together is extremely small. There may be a reason for this.

That’s fantastic that Xojo still works for you.

I think most of the negativity comes from Xojo forcing unexpected changes. For me, Xojo tossing Web 1 in the trash with no upgrade path was the end. I could not make myself convert to Web 2. It’s just busy work for no reason. Same for API 2.

At the time, I was only interested in Web 1.0 because it works on Desktop, Web, and Mobile. Everywhere all at once. :slight_smile:

Geoff expected us to just do the upgrade, but there still is no automatic update. My understanding is that you really “just” need to rewrite it in Web 2. But if I gotta require it, I might as well redo it in something else.

I chose PHP and I’m super happy now that I don’t have to deal with the Xojo nonsense. But getting to a happy state meant a long time being not happy. And Xojo could care less.

I’m not sure about others, but I’m still angry.


only for better understanding: I love the Idea behind Xojo. That is - except the Bugs and the behavior of the inc. - a really good Idea and a brilliant concept for XPLAT programming. No question is also: when not reaching the borders you may have a really good user exception and I am the last one which want to tell you it is not good. If it fits your needs: use it.

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