Xcode warning

Normally warning in Xcode are pretty spot on, but this one started appearing after the last update

the warning says to insert “as [AnyObject]”… but if you look at the code line it is already there, and [FIX] simple inserts another one, and the warning remains.

Note : the code compiles and runs correctly, it is just annoying

Probably a bug.

No idea how that github is related to this topic

If you walk back the series of commits etc you get to

When a heterogeneous array literal could only be inferred to have type [Any] , the compiler humbly states that this may not match our expectation:

which sort of sounds like the issue you were seeing
there’s a fix checked in
then a revert of that

all this IS in Apples Swift github

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Ok… does that mean that it IS a bug in Swift, but they fixed it, then decided to unfix it?
I guess if you know how GIT works, you could figure it out, but I don’t nor do I care to (learn GIT that is)

Didn’t really eat then entire commit history
Didnt really read the entire commit history
But it seems to me that maybe this warning/error got added and shouldnt have and so that has been reverted for a newer build
But I COULD easily be misreading that

EDITed because WOW talk about typo !

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Thorsten said “Probably a bug”

And I pointed where the correlated Swift bugs were located.

And this is the current state of affairs:

XCode 15 contains Swift 5.9 , are you still affected by a problem with it?

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