Xcode Simulator and SQLite

I have a DB app the uses SQLite for iOS

This app works perfectly in all the iPhone simulators, and the mini, the 9.7 and 12.9" iPad simulators
it create an SQLite database where it should, in the format it should.

HOWEVER. for the 10 and 11" simulators it creates a FOLDER instead of a database
and therefore the app crashes with a “cannot open database” error

ALL tests are running the EXACT same code, and I’ve traced using the debugger and they all follow the same path (or so it seems), until it attempts to connect.

If the database file is “missing” (as in 1st run), it creates it , and builds all the rquired tables
If it already exists it skips that function and just opens it

I’ve already tried deleting the DB from each simulator so it forces it to start from scratch. Still the 10 and 11" “fail”


the other simulators had their databases created by the app last week… in the mean time I’d altered code that handles files, and it accidently created EVERYTHING as a folder…