Xcode/macOS vs Iphone/iPad or AppleTV versions

I recently updated my iPad, iPhone and Apple TV to ios15.4

my macOS is 11.6 and I’m using Xcode 13.2…1

I CANNOT DEPLOY Swift/Xcode apps to a real device (they run fine in the simulator)
The error indicates that the OS on the device exceeds the deployment version.

Well Xcode is set to deploy as high as it goes (15.2), and Xcode 13.2 requires Monterey

I don’t know how (or if) this affects Xojo for iOS apps, but thought I’d leave a heads up

SO… I have to bite the bullet and move to Monterey after all

well Monterey is running… and Xcode it taking FOREVER to load

Another thing… before this upgrade, I kept getting warnings about the METAL API… since I didn’t do (what I thought was any fancy graphics)… I had disable the Metal API validation…
Guess the iOS15 SDK uses it internally now, as most of my graphics vanished on the device until I turned the validataion back on again…

Moterey takes on X86 longer to load. I have a few X86 in my office they needed much more time to load than the M1 Macs. What ever they thought about. At the other side: Xcode needs anyhow much time to load and it is really big…

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