Xcode / iOS and Mojave

Are you running Mojave still? (I am)
Are you iOS devices updated to iOS13.5? (mine are)
Are you still using Xcode 11.3.1? (I am)

And finally have you tried to compile an app with the above configuration and have it run on a real device?

You can’t… (Xcode responds with Support for this Device not found)…

But… oh wait… YES you can… with a bit of finagling… and another computer (or in my case an external boot drive)

Xcode has a series of internal folders with the imaginative names of (13.1, 13.2 etc)
and Xcode 11.3 only goes to 13.2.

What you need is access to a copy of Catalina, and the latest version of Xcode (11.5). For me, I have this installed on a seperate boot drive.

Turns out if you copy the 13.4 and 13.5 folders from THAT image, and move them into the corresponding folder for Xcode 11.3… you can then install an app on a iOS13.5 device.

Note… the max iOS Xcode 11.3 supports in a compile is 13.2, but this hack gives it the support to install up to 13.5

I did this for 13.4 a few months ago, and for 13.5 today… works perfectly

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