-Xcode and a NEW Iphone

Be aware… if you develop apps for the iPhone (regardless of what tool you use) and you load them onto your own personal iPhone, and then in the future decide to upgrade your phone. Be sure you have all the source code (as well as any database information) available on your COMPUTER. A device to device backup WILL NOT transfer apps that did not originate in the AppStore. The App icon will appear on the new device, but a warning message appears when you tap on it

Unable to Install
`<program name goes here>'
This app was not installed from the
App Store and must be reinstalled

note : this applies to iCloud backups as well

I assume it’s normal, during a phone “copy” only the refs to the apps are transfered
that is you must have an uptodate app in your uptodate iphone.
and if your app has not been updated and available on the store , you’re stuck.

Not sure if that is the reason or not… but it would have been nice to know this BEFORE :frowning:

I had to recompile a boatload of my apps again

While it seems that any personal non-MAS apps won’t install during an iPhone upgrade, any DATA (SQLite etc) will, and it keeps a placeholder for the app to be installed into. So all I had to do was recompile the app directly to the new phone and all the existing data was already there… .WHEW!