Xcode 15 released

was released this morning… and seems to be smaller (supposedly 1/2 the size of Xcode 14), feels snappier in compile times. And doesn’t require Sonoma (unlike 14 that did require the latest macOS at the time). It has all the support SDK for iOS17 and macOS14 and Simulators of the new iPhone15 as well as Swift5.9


Oh and note, if you had previously compiled a test program in Xcode 14… .you should do a “CLEAN BUILD FOLDER” BEFORE you do a recompile in Xcode 15… otherwise is issues an “incrementtal compile error”… no big deal, just annoying

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I installed Xcode 15 on Sonoma RC. Runs fine, very few quirks in Sonoma.

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You can use the Xcode Simulator now with Safari. Pretty neat.

Apple says Xcode15 is 1/2 size of 14… but I think that is because it only loads the iOS17 simulators and none of the previous ones…

Apple introduced a feature named ‘mergeable libraries’, which contributes to smaller apps.

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Xojo introduced a feature called “API 2.0”, which contributes to larger apps.

Well they did kill the Xojo framework which, because of how it was designed, was meant to make it possible to strip more unused stuff out of built apps
But it got deprecated so welcome to everything is global and so intertwined almost nothing can be stripped


Here’s, under Ventura 13.5.2, it does not propose any update at all…
I even fired XCode !


Holy crap!

I have worked with Xcode betas for a couple of weeks now. There are a few quirks but no show stoppers.
Looking at the number and severity of issues posted for Xojo Android, I wonder how this qualifies as a public beta. It is alpha at best, compared to what Apple delivers.

How Xcode works (or doesn’t work) with Xojo is up to them.
All I can say is I have a rather complex multi-platfrom app written in Swift, and it made the transition with zero issues, the only thing I had to do was reactivate some of the older simulators


How you deal with the Windows UI?

As in Microsoft Windows? I do not support that platform. When I say multi-platform I mean

  • macOS
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • tvOS (AppleTV)

Oh, sad. That’s near to almost one platform, multiple devices.

It is one platform, different UIs on different devices. There are a few minor differences, but as time goes by they become less and less.

Apple’s own source code illustrates this.

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The point was that Xojo is NOT a cross platform product… It is barely a multi-platform product

It can do various desktop platforms in the same code base, but cannot mix desktop and mobile, and can’t do AppleTV at all.


And… With Swift being open sourced you can make Web apps, and probably Windows apps… etc…

And you can see with SwiftUI being a sorta-markup language, electron and others gaining a foothold, the future of xplat UI is Declarative UI.

Xojo is so blind to how the industry is shifting, that they’re actually enforcing the opposite direction, multiple projects with incompatible code, which is only going to help 'em sink even faster. The CEO seems too busy defending 2.0 All The Things against criticism that he won’t accept, that Xojo really NEEDS help.

It like Luffy using a bucket to bail out water, while NOT fixing the leaks, his ship sank.

  • Coastguard: Captain, your ship takes water and will sink. Shall we send a damage control team on board?
  • Captain: no thank you. We are doing well and the ship is in perfect condition
  • Coastguard: but Captain, your ship lies already deep in the water!
  • Captain: this is by design. We are doing well and don’t need help. Thank you, over and out
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