Xcode 13 and High CPU usage

Since I recently upgraded to Xcode13, I noticed much higher than normal CPU usage (200-300%) which on a desktop just triggers that fans, but on a laptop might drain the battery quickly

The Activity Monitor says the culpriit is Spotlight, but it in fact the iOS Simulator

I found what is said to be the solution (and so far it seems to work)

  1. Start the iOS simulator
  2. go to the Home Page, and select Settings (in the simulator itself)
  3. select “Siri & Search”
  4. select “App Clips”
  5. turn OFF all options in the section

After doing this, the CPU usage dropped to nearly 0% and everything in Xcode seemed just fine

WELL NOT SO MUCH IT SEEMS… the above worked for a bit then not

But the iOS simulator is definiatily the cause

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What if you exclude Spotlight indexing from the Simulator folder(s)? (System Prefs - Spotlight - Privacy)

thanks will try that… this isn’t a localized issue… seems to be systemic with Xcode13 simulators

And you are surprised?
Nearly always when Apple force an update like this (in recent years) there are problems with what you’re forced to update to, but there’s no way back (unless you go back to Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave).

Lets make it so keyboards can no longer be replaced on a laptop, then we’ll use the absolute most unreliable keyboard we can make.