WX 2024 is coming soon...!

Every new version of WX keeps adding new features which are just mind boggling.

Here is an executive summary of important new features.

For greater details check out…


Pricing is per developer, right?

Not useable for me on Linux… not free software… basically a switch from one erratic company to another though this one seems to be more professional than xojo (not really a challange).

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$ 1,946 USD only for desktop… Not even going to look at the product.

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They charge more than I do for consulting hours o.O
brb changing my pricing.

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Really depends on the buyers perspective
If a person earns their living with it then 1900+ USD might not be that expensive
Esp if it does what it claims well
And its a cost of doing business in any case

But if its just a hobby then yes its quite expensive
But I’ve run into hobbyists that are willing to pay that kind of $ for their hobby

Golf for instance might be similar - but few hobbyists buy new clubs every year
But when they need them/want them they can be pricey

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I would have paid for Xojo Pro Plus.

Too late now, but all the bugs, API 2.0, and killing off Web 1.0 made that a no-go.

Yah not willing to pay for a good collection of bugs?

That is wrong assessment.

We purchased current version for 1900 euros all three (WD/WB/WM).

Single edition is only 1000 euros.

When compared to Xojo one is better off as one will not have to shell out extra $$ for third party libraries, controls and reporting tools. When you total this one pays more then what one pays for WX.

What one gets is way more then any of the dev tools that I have come across.

For example:

  • Entity Diagram for defining Database Structure
  • Builtin Database (stand alone as well as client server versions)
  • Code profiler
  • Code versioning (their own one as well as with Git)
  • Automatic Screen generation (if you are lazy like me and would like to get up and running quickly)
  • Application theming to make you app look distinct
  • Very powerful Table control with table-in-table feature and also facility to export data
  • Table control also allows app users to customize it and it also remembers the customization without having to program the save setting and load setting for each control on a form
  • Extremely powerful Report designer with facility to export reports in multiple formats from PDF to XLS
  • Builtin Query Builder
  • UI checked to show UI related problems like if a label is too small to display any text/caption it will indicate that
  • Repeater container to allow one to repeat them multiplier times with all the controls contained in it and a very distinct and easy way to access each repeating instance
  • Code reflector and suggester
  • Automatic code updater so if one changes the name of a control after having written lots of code referring to that control, it will offer to update the control name everywhere it appears in code
  • etc.
  • etc.

The list is very long…


The name itself suggest that it is for Windows only.

There are many users who are using it in Linux and on Mac via virtualization (VMWareVirtualBox) without a problem.

If one cannot pay for ones Hobby that I don’t think one can call it a Hobby.

My Boss’s hobby it playing Golf and he spends thousands on it and keeps buying new clubs and what not!

The membership of the Golf club he is associated with is worth 4 months of my salary!

This may be true for some but not for others. A hobby is not by definition associated with spending money.

Well, I just commented what it is on their website.

Single edition 1,790 euros or 1,946 USD

The special offer with all three (WD/WB/WM) 2,190 euros or 2,381 USD

Upgrades says 749 euros or 814 USD EACH target.

For testing and/or packaging of course I use a VM… but for Developing I’ve left Windows and MacOS long time ago.

Well and to me the name “Win” means just a Window, I do not correlate it automatically with the brand “Windows”

Sorry my bad.

I forgot to mention that it is advisable to buy from one of their authorized resellers instead of buying directly from PCSoft as they are able to offer handsome discount.

It is advisable not to buy it at all. I used it for many years - and stopped. I found out that it is a kind of Java fake system. They generate Java code, compile - and delete it then. I found out accidentially while using Filemon while compiling. Try it out.

Finally costs for the complete package for all platforms are tremendous.

And even if it could run on Mac because they used their own stuff to build the IDE they do not deliver. Or don’t they use WinDev for their IDE? For me that is inconsistent.

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Well… this says a lot. Thank you for your insights.

Why is that bad? Ultimately what matters it the final compiled application.

After purchasing all the three editions, the only extra cost that we had to pay was around 300 Euros for the web server.

This cannot be used as a yard stick to measure efficiency of a tool.

Based on what you are saying no one should use WX, Delphi, B4A, etc. just because they are not built using themselves.

In fact Xojo also falls in that category. Yet all here on this forum are using it for many years. And many have (or should I say had) built thriving careers on Xojo.

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I haven’t said a word about Xojo, have I? :person_shrugging:

And what I wrote is just my opinion, no need to argue about it. I was not happy with WinDev. That’s it.

Btw: Have you paid for an update already? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: