Wonder if there would be interest in Java related topics?

  • Moving your Xojo code to Java
  • Porting Java code to Xojo

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While I am not happy about the direction Xojo has been going in since it became Xojo, as i am likely to be “retired” relatively soon, anything I might write while still employed would be in Xojo, so translation from Java might be useful.

That said if one can translate from Java to Xojo, one would likely be pretty far along the path to being able to write in Java.


Knowing something of what lay behind this question, I was surprised to hear Norm talk about 'things that Java can do that Xojo can not’
Given that, I think there is definitely a place for such a topic.

I started porting my RB, RS, Xojo code in year 2015 to Java, Python and a combination of Java, B4X and Vaadin. Now experimenting with Anvil for frontend as well. Out of my experience, I can recommend the move. I’m pretty sure, that there is definitely a place for such a topic.

I would like to have a topic like that to speak about the setups I would recommend for desktop-web-mobile with one Codebase for all

I only need to know if it’s possible to do SSBs in Java.

This SSB?

Think she meant Security Scoped Bookmarks


Or site specific browsers. And yes. There is nothing you can write with xojo but not with Java. But many things you can write with Java but not with xojo. Android. Paw. iOS and android in one codebase with gluon mobile and Java fox, compile once run on all desktop and server platforms including raspberry pi and even rip zero (xojo can not for older arm).

Yup. My favourite app is now on the AppStore and the developer doesn’t know how to the SSBs. And now every time I start the app I have to reset the preferences. unamused

The app is so complex that the reviewer from Apple just must have said “I’m not going to test that”.

I get this all the time from people who want to use my iOS app to open documents they have in iCloud.
Not a clue how to do that using Xojo.
But people expect all developers to know how to do anything any developer has ever been able to do.

Back on topic, a big shout out to Norm here who has helped me immensely with converting a (frankly ludicrous) piece of Java code into something usable with Xojo.

Doing SSBs in Xojo is easy. But I haven’t a clue about Java.

Yeah something that platform specific I’d have to do a pile of reading to know IF it’s possible

For something so platform specific, you have to use the JNI with native code

Thats about what I though - JNI is not my favourite thing

Oh - good find fwiw !