Windows (in general) UI/UX to hell

couple of weeks ago I’ve written an angry article about the new Windows 11 design and the crazy idea to attract somebody somehow to windows… well what I’ve found is a trip to design hell and inconsistencies of the past 50 (!) years back to CP/M still in each version of Microsoft Windows…

The article is in german but the pictures speak for themselfes and in times of online-translaters I hope everybody gets the message… enjoy!

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Thanks. Very enjoyable read.

And half way through I started noticing that all the screenshots are made on the same Windows version and not older ones!

All screen shots done on the same VM running in a Mac

This is the UI mess MS created when they stopped updating Win23 Win32 to create .Net and WPF WinForms etc and they have multiple UI toolkits
And now, Project Reunion, to try & bring them all back into sync so ALL UI kits have similar capabilities

Weird number in binary, 23, for an architecture :wink:

Sadly, I don’t see the pictures (replaced by “?”). I can take time to read German, but pictures would still be nice :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like they are webp, you can use Chrome and they should show.
Edit: Safari shows “?”, Firefox shows the images too.

heh fat fingers typing random shit again

Win32 :slight_smile:

Showing up in Safari for me.

Someone needs a dialing wand? :wink:

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Only if you have one for the keyboard where I can just think what I want it to type :slight_smile:

Guess I should have taken typing classes way back when in high school
Who knew then I’d need to be an OK typist ? :man_shrugging:



How quaint … :vulcan_salute: