Window/form background color in DarkMode

How does anyone else handle a window/form where the user can change the background color, but where the app also supports dark/light mode? All the objects that appear on the screen user NSColor.labelcolor so THEY change automatically, but that could be an issue if the background color chosen is too light or too dark causing the text to become invisible.

I want to provide maximum flexiblity with miniumu visual issues

Think Xcode themes
They let you pick colors for pretty much everything
Its tedious as heck - and some will
But if you allow users to pick any colors you sort of need to let them pick colors for everything to avoid the “well I picked this background color and cant see the text now”

Exactly as youre thinking

so basiclly you are saying… lock the app out of darkmode… and provide options for everyplace a color is rquired

Support light mode & dark mode with “default” colors
And a “user created theme” with THEIR colors

You’ll just need to be able to let the user select a color for EVERYTHING

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