Win IDE crashing

Running Xojo 2.1 on a surface pro6, i5, 8g ram and it crashes constantly. I just ordered a new Win desktop; 32G ram on an i9 8 core - please help my fragile state and tell me its going ot be better…gulp.

Do you mean 2020r2.1 ?

Cant say I’ve had it crash on my BUT I am not working on a surface either

Unfortunately crash logs on windows arent quite as useful to mere mortals but might be to Xojo

Hello @seanarney,

When Xojo changed from API1 to API2 there were a bunch of issues that were introduced that made programs on Windows less stable, and this is to be expected whenever there is a change in the programming language (sorry, it just happens).

There have been many more workaround needed when programming on Xojo since API2. Some of the issues are with the cursor ‘jumping’ around the IDE, random crashes (no crash report is created), new functions having different formats that lead to errors, and my most common logical error is the change from 1-based arrays to 0-based arrays.

Could you provide an example of the error(s) that you are seeing and maybe someone has created a workaround for the issue?

I have been programming with Xojo (REALbasic, Real Studio) since 2005 and the general guideline is that it takes about 1-year to remove most of the major bugs and minor bugs. I have been using Xojo on my Surface products and haven’t seen a difference between the Microsoft hardware and Lenovo, and ASUS hardware yet. There could be differences, although I haven’t seen a crash on one and stability on the other with Xojo, chuckle, Xojo crashes equally. :slight_smile:

Im really hoping its the surface and its limited abilities. I really only intended to use it for testing but as my application nears release state its become apparent the vast majority of users will be Win, and so, alas, I find myself forced to - (swallows, hard) - embrace the dark side. Its always as Im compiling to run in debug mode that it gets to “the end” and then stalls out and just silently dies. This leads me to pray its memory and processor. I will suffer this surface pro until Tuesday when the new unit arrives and post the results - thanks Norm & Eugene for the thoughts!
@eugenedakin one of my biggest peeves with this new version is the way it doesnt seem to move the cursor from object name to paramter def and then on enter to the code editor. I keep grinding off code into the param definition. But hey, I dont mind all that much, its still producing nicely for me

Sorry, its not the Surface product, as almost any other programming language (C++, wxWidgets, pascal, etc.) does not have these problems, as it seems to be Xojo related.

My biggest pet peeve is when looking at a button control inspector that the cursor will not accept focus. A workaround is to click in the area around the textbox and figure where Xojo put the invisible textbox. Random clicking on the screen will eventually cause the textbox to focus. Its not a big bug, just a little annoying, that’s all.

its the little things, right? :slight_smile: I will hold out hope because I dont hear others saying their Win IDE crashes 70% of the debug builds, its got to be something unique to my situation. It is certainly a xojo issue but to what the cause is -I dont know. I did read a few posts, one by Julian that said he keeps another copy of his project open in case of crash. I tried to do that but couldnt fihureout a wya to get a second instance open so maybe that was in the past versions…