Will there be a black Friday for Xojo?

For renewing my licence, I’m awaiting for an eventual black Friday. Thing is, I’m seeing black Friday announcements everywhere except from Xojo and I have to make choices as to what I’ll renew/buy.

Are Xojo black Friday’s announcement generally late or I can assume there won’t be one this year? Opinions welcome.

Wait a few days and see.

Tim Parnell collects Xojo related offers on xojo.io

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Thanks, but waiting is actually my issue, as I’ve already received the offers for other products and I have to choose as soon as possible.

Thanks for the link, too.

Why ? Do these other deals expire before black friday ?

No, but I don’t have much money to spend for buying software these days.
Renewing my Xojo licence this year may depend on the existence of the black Friday offer.

You should consider the current Xojo state, not only a discount.

As others have said, Xojo is focused in pushing new things (crappy buggy half baked things) and not bug fixes.

The way they sent the newsletter, makes me think, Xojo 2021 (for renewing on BlackFriday) will be focused on Android… Could be the same history that happened with web 2.0 with the release until the second half of the year.

So, it is a gamble this days. I know I would purchased a bug fixes only for web 1.0, but, web 2.0 is not usable yet, android most likely will be the same, Desktop new features are a joke, No time to change all to api 2, so for me, NO renew this year either.

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Just announced.

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this site is tracking other deals as well