Why is XOJO Cloud So Expensive

Just wondering if those using XOJO Cloud as their host find it priced appropriately. At $49/month for the cheapest version, it seems like it prices out hobbiests. I can do php/mysql and my host costs $6.25 a month. I’d like to try out XOJO on the web, but can’t see any value to it. Am I missing something?

I thought Xojo Cloud was a bit expensive, and have spent the last year learning the ins and outs of Linux developing an app to make deployment easier.

My app Lifeboat connects to a Linux VPS, installs the required software components, and makes it easy to manage Xojo Web apps and static websites all from one app. In an upcoming release you’ll be able to install PHP too :slight_smile:

Lifeboat manages configuring services to watch over the web app processes, configuring all the ports and internal addresses, and configuring nginx to handle directing requests.

You can find me in the inn Discord channel for extremely fast support, but I also am always happy to help by email too :slight_smile:

Check out the Lifeboat website for more information and quick start videos:


Hosting companies charge more if you rent a server to install your own software.

Just a few php scripts have lower CPU usage and your provider can put dozens of clients on one computer.

You may rent small VPS for less money, but than you have more work yourself.

See my video here:

Installing a Xojo Web App Server

I think this explains perfectly why Xojo Cloud is more pricey than other alternatives, if you don’t have the knowledge to deploy your Webapp beforehand, you either spend a considerable amount of time to learn all you need or pay for that service, and Xojo Cloud seems very convenient in that regard (I have never used it myself though).

I am sure Lifeboat makes it much simpler, but I would bet it can’t get as simple as selecting “deploy to Xojoweb” (or whatever the name of that option is) in the IDE.

I suppose if that’s worth $49/month to you then Xojo Cloud is a deal.

This is really nice @Tim. Great work.


Tims Lifeboat tool makes it almost as simple as deploying directly from the IDE
There’s a lot of work in there and it reduces the complexity a ton


To me it is worth nothing because I will never use it.

But I see its value if I think about a person who knows nothing about web deployment (like myself) for whom even finding a hosting suitable for Xojo web apps can be daunting.

I believe it is not for everyone, but it can be appealing in some situations.

BTW, Lifeboat looks like a very good option too (and much cheaper), I am not implying otherwise.

I’m using a VPS (Linux) for hosting my web app, and more. This costs me 8 euros per month.
Granted, I had to configure it (install some libraries, etc.) but that was straightforward.
So, yes, $49/month is around 6 times as necessary.

It costs so much because they want to make money with it. That is not illegitimate. Xojo needs to generate money for their development and for the pockets of its owners. Yes, xou can do it outsie for extremely less money, like you can see in the answer above or also when using strawberry Software solutions for Web deployment.