Who owns xDev?

Just curious – does Xojo own xDev Magazine? Just noticing Dana Brown hawking the latest issue and the 2022 book version. I mean nothing in particular wrong if they are, other than it makes editorial independence a little bit suspect. But that’s nothing new in the B2B publishing world.

Dana makes the anouncements of many related products/services. Not only xojo owned things.

Marc Zeder owns it as far as I know.

Dana publishes announcements in her role as Director of Marketing at Xojo.

Thanks, I was just curious how much of a “house organ” it was(n’t). It is almost a moot question when the topic is a single-vendor product, so like I said, it’s of no great import. I suppose I should have just consulted the fine print on the cover page of any issue, come to think of it :wink:

I think that depends on who you ask.


FWIW, if you have Xojo announcements you would like posted officially you just send an email to pr@xojo.com

Marc Zeedar

almost never active on forums etc
EDIT - like 5 or 6 posts in 2022

well Xojo IS a big advertiser n it

Ask @MarkusWinter about editorial independence :stuck_out_tongue:
It has a little as long as its not critical of Xojo and then they wield their “we’re a big advertiser and you’d hate to lose that” stick

EDIT : see posts starting here

That’s what I meant by “depends on who you ask”!


Which I find very strange.

Why strange? Maybe he is very bussy writing now that other contributors left xojo :yum:

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Marc’s never been very active on the forums
Not in 20 years
This isn’t new

About the Publisher

xDev Magazine is published by DesignWrite, a Northern California graphic design firm founded in 1991 by Marc Zeedar. Marc has been involved in graphics and publishing for over twenty-five years. He created his first magazine when he was thirteen, and in eighth grade knew he wanted to be a writer.

DesignWrite’s web site says

Updated on Mon, May 6, 2002

And it continues to do great :slight_smile:

If someone likes to contribute to the magazine, feel free to contact Marc to add a few articles.

The xDev Magazine web site also looks like that time

I dont think there was any suggestion about xDevs’ success

More just “Marc’s not really active in the Xojo Forums and never has been”

I doubt xDev is his primary source of income and he’s busy doing other work