Who has tried Wisej?

I apologize for my English :frowning:

I have been waiting for Web 2.0 for a long time, as I want to develop an ERP that runs in the browser, but seeing the bad opinion of many Xojo users, I am evaluating other options like Wisej (https://wisej.com/)

Who has tried Wisej? What opinion do you have?

Thank you.

Without a Linux backend, and having an expirable license. It’s a no go from me.

As backend it says IIS, NGINX, Apache, Self hosted, Desktop standalone, Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi

A the “expirable” licence, it only says 1 Year Free Updates, not 1 year of licence.

Beware of the marketing. Read carefully.

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“Wisej licenses are perpetual. Only the free update period expires 1 year after the purchase of the license.”


I think the price is a bit high and the tool needs to mature a bit more.

Server licenses? NO GO. :grin:

What is the Server License?

You need 1 Server License for each additional deployment. For example, if you have 3 developers and need to deploy on 10 servers, you need to purchase 3 Developer Licenses and 7 Server Licenses (7 because the 3 Developer Licenses include 1 free Server License each).

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This thing is full of hidden traps.

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I don’t see anything hidden. There is a price, there is 1 year of free updates. It’s just not free. Usually serious software is not given away for free in my experience.

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its actually very good, some pretty large corporations in Norway use it. My workplace also plans to use it in the future.

No one said that should be free. BUT charging for each server you deploy to… that looks hidden and it can escalate very fast.

In consulting, are you going to charge the client for the licence needed to run the software in its server? All your apps are going to work fine in only one server or are you going to pay for each extra server (phisical or each instance of a VPS)?

Upgrading the tool, you will need to also update the servers and pay again for each one of them, (unles you keep working with the old tool)

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Each server needs a license. Seems to be a pretty straight forward concept. Unless you are a hobbyist, it’s quite common in the enterprise world. And yes it can escalate, it’s a simple multiplication, just like any other server side license sold by most companies that build server side software.