Who has tried Wisej?

I apologize for my English :frowning:

I have been waiting for Web 2.0 for a long time, as I want to develop an ERP that runs in the browser, but seeing the bad opinion of many Xojo users, I am evaluating other options like Wisej (https://wisej.com/)

Who has tried Wisej? What opinion do you have?

Thank you.

Without a Linux backend, and having an expirable license. It’s a no go from me.

As backend it says IIS, NGINX, Apache, Self hosted, Desktop standalone, Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi

A the “expirable” licence, it only says 1 Year Free Updates, not 1 year of licence.

Beware of the marketing. Read carefully.

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“Wisej licenses are perpetual. Only the free update period expires 1 year after the purchase of the license.”


I think the price is a bit high and the tool needs to mature a bit more.

Server licenses? NO GO. :grin:

What is the Server License?

You need 1 Server License for each additional deployment. For example, if you have 3 developers and need to deploy on 10 servers, you need to purchase 3 Developer Licenses and 7 Server Licenses (7 because the 3 Developer Licenses include 1 free Server License each).

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This thing is full of hidden traps.

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