Who has the dummest programmers?

My vote goes to GitHub:

GitHub Desktop installed an update and now no longer runs as my system (macOS 10.14.6) does not fulfil the minimum requirement of macOS 10.15. Which programmer is so dumb to NOT CHECK THE SYSTEM before installing an incompatible update??? Seriously??? And download an older version? Nah, just buy a new computer. I’m livid - that incompetence is staggering!

That is frustrating but tbh its not the only one that has done that

Do others also FORCE UPDATE?

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

I have run into it with optional ones - not forced ones that I can think of

I mean… consider the current environment:

  • Companies are demanding more be done with less. More code, less programmers. More features, less people to implement them.

  • More code less pay means more stressors outside of work that affect your work inside of work

  • Upper management regularly using language that implies they can replace you immediately with an AI increases those stressors

  • Regular layoffs increase those stressors

  • macOS programming has become increasingly a paperwork thing, where there are many steps and something can be missed.

I’m inclined to not call them stupid. It’s very likely that someone made a mistake, and that they are not unintelligent. It happens.

Keep in mind tho, GitHub Desktop is not necessary to use GitHub. You can at least adjust until a solution is found, and that makes this an inconvenient mistake, but not the worst mistake around.

They didn’t delete your account accidentally like Google does. :laughing:

Slightly related, if you need a git client my favorite git client, Fork supports as far back as 10.11 and Windows 7 right now.

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