Which project type in VS

As I watch and test .net Maui, and also
VS2022, I’m wondering what model would be best to create X-Plat apps.

First, I want to create a single source app that compiles to: MacOS, Windows and Linux.
Second, I only want to create the UI once. Small tweaks for the look on each platform would be ok, but generally like the Xojo experience of writing it once and having it spit out the various builds.

Don’t care at all about an iOS or Android app, but perhaps being able to see the UI on a browser on those platforms might be useful (with the app running on the desktop platform)

Sadly, it seems that you cannot yet create a X-plat app from a single IDE with Maui. You must write and debug on Windows only and I’m not even sure if it’s even possible to compile to MacOS yet even with a networked Mac. I can live with doing the work on Windows, as long as it will compile with a networked Mac. But it’s annoying to not have the full VS on MacOS. Sadly, I don’t even think VS2022 will be a real VS on Mac either. I hope I’m wrong.

So… should I be looking at Xamarin or Razor for the UI or is there another alternative?

Side topic, what would be the difference between building for MacOS vs Catalyst?