Which license to use for Github?


I have created quite a few small projects and posted them on Github and haven’t worried about a license. Now that I am creating a larger project I am curious as to which license to use, as there are soooo many.

All I am wanting to have is let people use my code, and protect myself. Some of the members of this forum are more experienced at this than I am, and I am looking for your suggestions. I want to keep this simple, if simple exists in the legal realm :slight_smile:

Thoughts? Thank you,


Both are basically “Heres the code I make no warranty as to fitness for any specific purpose. Use at your own risk.”

BUT I am not a lawyer and if thats your concern actual legal advice may be in order (with all the associated costs)

Excellent! Thank you Norman :slight_smile:

That is why all mine is released that way under one or the other

I understand, and its all good. I figure having some kind of license is better than no license at all.

This makes complete sense.

Thanks again.


I called my dad who is a Lawyer and asked him what his advice is. Now I owe him $100 for the call :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats funny. :slight_smile: Thanks for the response!

Late to the party, but I use https://choosealicense.com for reference when I don’t already know which I’m interested in :slight_smile:

Tim, this is fantastic! I didn’t know that such a website exists and this makes is sooo much easier.


Just a void GPL :stuck_out_tongue:

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