Where to go to download Java’s JRE for m1?

I wanted to use LibreOffice’s (LO) Data Base and get a complaint about the lack of JRE.

In the web page, LO says that Mac Users have to install the JDK.

So I go to Oracle and downloaded: jdk-19_linux-aarch64_bin.tar.gz

But this is not a dmg file and I do not saw an installer inside it. The download page is:

Help !

PS: I will read your answers on Monday morning as I have to go now. TIA.

I use never Oracle but OpenJDK from Liberia or from Azul. And now the question is: what do you want to do. Long term development? Then I would prefer in your place JDK 17 from Liberia, it is available as full JDK and as JRE where JRE is only the runtime environment.

Next question is: is it a tool for internal use or do you wand to use it for sale?

But first for long term development: Bell-Soft Liberia M1 you will find under this link: https://download.bell-sw.com/java/

You can find all of it under https://bell-sw.com/pages/downloads/#

If it is only for internal use the clients should have installed the JRE at least or the JDK. The JRE is only around 50MB Download and comes also always as installable, binary package and also you can get it as Source Code.

If you want to develop with it for commercial sales I would prefer to build the platform packages what is really not that complex, with the command package you can build on the target platform the needed binary package which is a partial JRE and your Program as binary jar.

For internal use you would have to transfer only the jar File. Not complex also.

Java 17 is the latest its version of Java. The next its will come with Java 21 in September 23. I prefer to write and compile with the latest LTS which I can get security Updates until 2030. With switching to the next level of its JDK you may have small code fixings but - to speak truths - between Java 11 and Java 17 it wasn’t much to change.

So you can hold your binary building always on the last security update level and on it’s best bugfix level of compilers and runtimes included in Java OpenJDK Builds.

I always get from Azul Zulu at the following url and I always get the JDK FX for development and also get the ARM version

Azul is same good as others I would load JDKFX like you can get from Liberia and also from Azul but I would take JDK without Java FX if I am not definitely planning to develop with JavaFX.

And even my JavaFX Stuffs I am developing with a normal JDK and loading the JavaFX stuffs with Maven. But it is a question of taste.

I have not try using maven yet.

take a look on maven archives for javafx. But they will not run with a JDKFX installed so I would prefer not to use mason for JavaFX in your place

what do you mean there ??

Maven Archives.

Thank you for your answers.

Please, read this (and keep in mind the running computer is an Apple Silicon Mac-BookPro.


Amazon have their own LTS version of OpenJDK named Corretto that’s used with AWS.
I’ve never used it so I’m not vouching for it, I’m just mentioning that it exists in case you’re not aware.

Sometimes I wonder…

I just discovers this:

A click in macOS and links for … macOS appeared.

Why I do not saw that yesterday is a complete mystery…

That is an LibreOffice Bug which was fixed already and has no relation to Java JDK or JRE but relations to a Bug in LibreOfice and OpenOffice while Apache OpenOffice was fixed in 2016 and Libre Office later in 2017. That has not to do with Java itself and could be done with setting a different path variable. So I don’t know what on this Bug we shall explain or looking on?

Thank you for your help

Current LibreOffice version told me that I have to install JDK on macOS… instead of JRE. I was confused by the answers (because I was… tired / sleepy ?).

Now, I found (screen shot above) where to get the macOS JDK version and have installed it.

If they used an OS Logo for each platform, I may be able to saw them yesterday.

I even fired Safari and set the UserAgent to Windows in hope to see a different Download stuff (and I always get the Linux stuff…).

As I told you: with Liberica JDK you can see the platforms all time. I am using it.
on M1 on more than two hands full of devices