Where is Xojo Focus?

All I need is macOS and iOS… so I am now investing my time and effort 100% into Swift and it can do WAY WAY more than Xojo… oh yeah… and its FREE (well ok $99 if you want to count the developer account)

I don’t think it appropriate to speculate why they were fired/banned. I only acknowledge it occurred and now they are left without particular skillsets from what I can tell.

I think my main disagreement with you is when you say “too arrogant/egotistical for the good of Xojo”. Xojo is his and much like telling someone they should not love someone else… you can’t win that argument.

You can only choose if you will be supportive and how you will show that support. They have decided that some individuals support is not worth the caveats or preconditions and moved on. I respect it even if I find it sad.

I think there is a lot Xojo needs to be professional grade. I also recognize that is not their goal. The old time users become more skilled and capable over time generally and as such become less of Xojo’s target market as they advance.

Much like Microsoft Paint may have gotten artists started with digital art but they eventually upgraded to Photoshop/Illustrator. Some of us have to upgrade our stacks and there is nothing wrong with that. Xojo can still be awesome, cool, and terribly deficient at the same time depending how/why you use it.

Api 2, New Framework, iOS, Real Studio, Xojo, Direct Draw, etc, when was the last time it wasnt in a weird spot?

Name a closed source cross platform tool that has done it better? Even open source they all fail miserably and find themselves in “weird spots” like the ones you mentioned with the exception of maybe QT. It uses license duality to encourage open source adoption AND commercial licensing to maintain its advantage. I’ve long argued Xojo should do the same.

Cross platform is REALLY hard. This argument is akin to “Ford has been in a weird spot with gravity and physics for 30 releases now!”. Some things are just baked into the goal/objective at hand. Compiling a single language to multiple targets/processors/operating systems and then providing a unified framework/IDE on top of it is a true computer science challenge.

They need more computer scientists to be successful at it. They probably know this but it’s web developers and mobile developers that justify the marketing/development spend.

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API 2 was NOT an engineering decision or recommendation
They were just the guys who had to make it happen

THAT was a deliberate design goal ! (funny enough)
Literally - use what you need of it when you need it and no more or less
No jamming it down your throat because we knew it ran the risk of breaking legacy code … hmmmm

Fixed it for ya :wink:

Contrast XOJO with Livecode–the companies and approaches, not the products. I’m not a user of Livecode, but I continually receive their emails and consider the product from time to time. I note that they constantly improve their product and that they seem to direct their improvements based upon the needs and wants of their users with frequent surveys AND requests for funding to be used to develop particular items on their users’ request lists. I’ve also noticed, over the past week, that they’ve requested additional funding from their user community to held them get through the Covid crisis, and that community has donated over $80,000 in the past week, which seems to indicate they are doing something right. It sometimes seems to be a money grubbing way of operating a business but the user community not only seems to both put up with it AND get what they want.

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Obviously they have a reason to be invested (literally) in the product


They read it

I expect so, and I would be disturbed if they were so insular that they did not read it and take some notice of the views, without having to worry about those sensitive new users being disturbed by the views of seasoned adults involved in the project for multiple years.

So who is going to go for the first Xojo forum ban from a post not on the Xojo forum?

Has anyone watched the video, I don’t care about android in any way shape or form, apart from it sucking up resources better needed in far more relevant places.

Does the video get that platform any closer to release, has the recent apple announcement given them another excuse to deliver diddly squat, yet again.

please can we have some good Xojo stuff to talk about (if anyone is listening), can we go back to 19r1 and start over again, this time with an actual plan, maybe Norman will walk out of the shower and we will see it was just a dream and everything gets going in a positive direction!

I’ve watched the video.

From the video one could argue that Xojo for Android has come closer to being delivered. BUT according to Xojo’s road map it still ranking No 7, behind stuff that is still no way near being delivered.


Me - in part thats why I was banned back when (at least the email I got sure makes it seem that way)

I watched and its a pile of trivial apps showing mostly single controls in single views
Kind of “Hello world” type stuff
Only at the VERY end do they show something more sophisticated - Eddies - running on the phone so it has to push and pop various views
Nothing super complex though

Heh … the dream scenario is funny :slight_smile:

I vote Norman, well Dave was up there too but since he is already permanently banned…

Beware though. The community raised funds previously which led to a huge upset when the promised rewards for investing failed to materialise. They are also operating under voluntary creditors agreement which means that the creditors are basically in control of the business due to, at some point around 4 years ago, the company being unable to meet its financial obligations.

The latest assessment by the supervisor of the agreement is even more concerning stating that they are unlikely to meet the monthly payments due over the next 12 months and the company are asking for the creditors to agree to a further extension of the agreement by a further 12 months.

If the creditors do not agree it is likely the company will fail.

Details here if you wish to read the latest report - CVA Report March 2020

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:grimacing: … that is an image I did not need in my head … :exploding_head:

@anon13991838 I had no idea

While I like the idea of raising money via go fund me etc to sponsor specific features I’m not sure its viable as a business model
At least with something like gofundme for a feature you get a VERY direct sense of how important something is as opposed to a more nebulous one

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uh … me either :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahaha, sorry, referencing Dallas if anyone does no know!

Yeah - I very nearly took the plunge with LiveCode due to their work with FileMaker to take a project and get it running on Android. I spent some time evaluating the product which takes a little getting used too by the way, however once I investigated the financials it put me off entirely.