Where is the notch?

From TOF…
Here is a SWIFT routine to find the safearea of a given device. It must be called each time the orientation is changed, As the Safearea is different on some devices in all four orientations.

public var SafeArea : CGRect = CGRect.zero

func getSafeArea()  {
   var insets : UIEdgeInsets = UIEdgeInsets.zero
   guard let xxx = UIApplication.shared.windows.first else { return }
   insets = xxx.safeAreaInsets
      let x  : CGFloat = insets.left
      let y  : CGFloat = insets.top
      var w  : CGFloat = insets.right
      var h  : CGFloat = insets.bottom
      w=dw-w-x; h=dh-h-y
      SafeArea = CGRect(x:x,y:y,width:w,height:h)

It up to the developer to translate this to Xojo


The “notch” that appeared on the iPhoneX and has been part of most every iPhone screen since.
The “notch” which the “safe-area” defines a (well) safe area within which all active controls should be placed. This also accounts for the “home bar” (or whatever it is called) that is on the new phones in place of a physical home button.

The Notch is still a thing huh? It’s been years, I just assumed that Apple have moved on from it by now. Seems like almost everyone else has.

Apple just wants everyone to immediately recognize an iPhone as such… :upside_down_face:

Every current iPhone with the exception of the iPhoneSE has a notch… and SafeArea is a thing, an important thing… which also applies to all iPads that do not have a physical home button.

So even if Apple removes the notch… you best deal with SafeArea no matter what else you do