What to use to create DMG

I am current package my program using ZIP but want to package my program into DMG instead.

What dmg do you all use???

DMG Canvas

or shell scripts

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Drop DMG works well
I think @jotter even put together a post build script that does all kinds of signing etc

how to use shell scripts???


/usr/bin/hdiutil create -imagekey zlib-level=9 -srcfolder "Test" -fs HFS+ -volname "Test 1.2" "test.dmg"

By the way, I just noticed you didn’t ask the in the Xojo Forum. You would get more answers there, probably.

i already have DMG Canvas version 2 and just upgrade to v3

just create a new dmg for my program. So easy

There’s also DropDMG https://c-command.com/dropdmg/

Both are supported in App Wrapper 4 for auto DMG creation.

  • DMG Canvas has a fantastic layout editor. Each application uses a different template.
  • DropDMG has the ability to use one single Layout for all of your apps, which can be customized (to some extent) at wrapping time.


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How’s it coming along, Sam? :slight_smile:

Getting real close, the to-do list is finally starting to go down… not up!

I don’t know if I’ll make it in time for BS launch, might only just be in beta testing then…

The free alternative is rather cumbersome:
Make a new folder in the Finder and set it’s content up like you want the dmg to be.
Once done, use Disk Utility to create a dmg from the folder you made.

The result isn’t fantastic, but at least, it’s free.

Sam, you need to create your own DMG packer that handles app wrapping too. One tool fits all. Your market will expand immensely.

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Thanks. I have considered it. However I respect both Seth & Michael too much to do it. I know Seth from his RB days and I have great conversations with Michael.

It just feels wrong to go down path this path for me. I realize that’s business and probably part of the reason why I have such a hard time with “business”, but I’d rather find another way to survive than reduce their ability to create great DMG apps.

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may i know who is seth and micheal you mention above??

Seth Willits is the creator of DMG Canvas, he used to be a REALBasic developer (many many years ago).

Michael Tsai is the creator of DropDMG, he also hosts https://mjtsai.com/blog/ an Apple news site for developers.

must be before 2005 then… i do not remember both this people.

the only Seth i know in xojo world is the guy that used to work for bob keeney