What release of Xojo do you use most often?

Just curious

  • 2022r1
  • 2021r3 / 2021r3.1
  • 2021r2
  • 2021r1 / 2021r1.1
  • 2020r2 / 2020r2.1
  • 2020r1 / 2020r1.1 / 2020r1.2
  • 2019r3 / 2019r3.1 / 2019r3.2
  • 2019r2 / 2019r2.1
  • 2019r1 / 2019r1.1
  • 2018r4
  • 2018r3
  • 2018r2
  • 2018r1
  • any release prior to 2017r3

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I would not wonder if 60% and more are using releases before 2020R1

There are a lot of old versions in use arent there ?

An additional metric that would help explain the various choices would be “Why do you use this version?”.

For many, it’s either pre-API2, or better support for some specific functionality.

For me, 2021r1.1 is the last version my expired license allows (was using 2019r1.1 predominantly for pre-API2 reasons, but have since migrated current projects - may still use 2019 for inactive projects if they come up again).

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That was just aimed solely at “what version do you use most of the time”
While reasons are interesting they werent the focus
I still use 202r2.1 a lot because there’s NO compelling reason to move

For someone trying to always use the latest version, the choice is difficult to make. 2022r1 is just out now, so obviously I’ve used it less than 2021r3 or any other, but I don’t plan to use previous versions any longer (unless required). And I can’t predict the future either.
So what should I choose?

Which ever one you DO use the most currently

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Ah, ok. It’s not a matter of how long each version is being used.

interesting that as far as respondents here go the majority are NOT using the latest version

I’ve read that people that needs transparency (Windows) feels trapped at 2016r3. That helps to inflate the “any release prior to 2017r3”

I always try to use the latest stable one, and the most stable one is never the latest one in their first weeks.

I usually lag behind the early adopters.

Used to work in an internal QA team that tested early releases of vendor software before it rolled out to our users (about 3000 people)
We were affectionately referred to as the “Crash Test Dummies” - before the band used the name - because we spent a LOT of time recovering crashed systems :stuck_out_tongue:

And now I’ll have the song “Mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm” running in my head for the rest of the day :wink:
(but I love that song, so that’s not a problem).

Funny thing is one of my faves from them is actually Good King Wenceslaus
Great voice for that song :slight_smile:

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Wow, lot of people enjoy living on the Edge. LOTS of nasty bugs and silent behavior changes lurking on each new release.

It is never safe to use the latest for production :scream:

Many of the release notes for 2022r1 were just fixes to things broken in the new Desktop frameworks or other new features from immediately prior versions. Lots of fixes to things that used to work in API 1 that were broken in API 2

68022 Build There is now a single License Agreement included in the ReadMes folder.
67610 Compiler Breakpoints no longer randomly fail to break on M1 Macs.
66909 Database Plugins MSSQLServerDatabase: DatabaseRow no longer incorrectly reports Money type as string.

and so many more