What is the B4 equivalent of a Xojo Interface or a Swift Protocol?

Seems most users on the B4 forum don’t seem to know what interfaces or protocols are - that is quite sobering.

I know that Java has interfaces, but nobody seems to know whether B4 actually implements them … so my guess is the answer is no?

And annoyingly most of my posts on the B4 forum are still “awaiting moderation”?

Feels worse than the Xojo forums … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Confusing Protocols and Delegates with Namespace? Classes? or Struct? wow

I never used Interfaces in Xojo… but I do use Protocols and Delegates in Swift… ALOT


look at this page, B4x uses Duck typing


Thanks - that seems to be it.

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THAT is simply impossible! :sweat_smile: I believe the ‘moderation’ topic was covered by ‘It happens that you are not registered, make a donation or purchase to become one’. I even think after a certain amount of post, this stops (but not sure of it). It is Erels way of keeping spam out of the forum and it works very well.

No, it actually is quite possible … having your post moderated before it is even shown feels like a step down from TOF …

“Pay for full forum access” is a new one to me …

Uh, a challenge. Let’s find out where that limit is …

Niether do a lot of Xojo users

It is B4X not B4.

I will make you a “licensed user”. A friend of Alain is a friend of mine :slight_smile:


And thats the spirit of B4X, @MarkusWinter


The true spirit of B4x is: you can get your Job done. On all Operating Systems where Java 11 is working on. On Android, on IOS and on all Devices supported by Arduino IDE. That is the spirit of it. As Java Programmer I know that Java is extremely reliable. And B4x is also. That Java has so many libs…and all of them can be wrapped to B4x. So it is a System, a complete world of one language for all with a complete write once run anywhere portfolio. Use your source code for your business logics on all platforms and with B4x Pages also bg parts of your GUI for all platforms. That makes is interesting to use it. Something what you can not do with Xojo. But you can do with B4x. Only teardrop in my eye: no Mac IDE. But the will change one day. I am sure.


Thanks, appreciate that. When I release my first app with B4x I will buy a license, but buying seems premature to me while I’m still evaluating which tool to use.

True. But those that answer usually do.

:thinking: … well, they used to. Nowadays not so much anymore.

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It will be complex to buy a license of B4J, B4A or B4R: they are all for free. B4i not. But it costs nearly nothing compared to other Basic IDE Systems

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I know, and I was referring to buying a B4i license. Still, paying for something you might not use is a waste

Oh guess what. I was doing that often while I was in knowledge that people needed every Dollar they could get to have food. What shall I say: I will buy then. And B4I works like a charm. With B4x Pages you can use the same GUI and the same App logic and only have toe write the IOS / Android related code and … that’s it. get the Job done. I like it really cause I could get my customers to buy it and they love to work with it. Before I had them on Xojo…it nearly killed me. So: yes, I am a fan of reels work and how he is supporting the people around him.

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Well, let’s just say your financial situation and mine are very different …

possibly. But that makes no difference between us.

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