What is going on with the site?

It was offline for a while and now I get warning from Safari on it mot being secure!


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Site certificates expired… it might be a few days before it is fixed properly as Garry is on vacation

Interesting that I can’t use Chrome or Firefox because this site is set to HSTS but Safari allowed me to add an exception.

THANKS to @Tim Parnell for sorting out the cert renewal & nginx and getting things back online


Weirdly enough Safari wouldn’t let me come here but Firefox did.

And I just came with Safari fine, without any error or warning. However, I landed to a “random” thread (the last one I visited, IIRC) by just calling the home URL.

Safari for a few days when the certificate expired wouldNOT go here at all
But you could get Firefox to by visiting the http link

Now that the certs are renewed and Tim did whatever magic was needed things are back up
And everything works as expected again