What ever happened to . . .

Thought this might be an interesting thread. I’ll start:

Charles Yeomans. I haven’t seen anything from him in a very long time, which is too bad, he really knew his stuff. I always assumed he just didn’t make the transition from mailing list to forum, but I don’t really know.

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last I knew the company he worked with was transitioning to other tool chains - python I believe

and as they moved his presence on any forums etc waned

he HAS an account here @Charles but its highly stupid autocorrect LIGHTLY used

EDIT : and he has one on Xojo’s but it doesnt look like its been used since they switched over to the new forums

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I’m still around. As Norman said, the company I was working for began a transition to other tools, mostly because RS nearly killed us with bugs. As it turned out, that transition turned out to be fortuitous.

I still maintain a bit of xojo code for the company, but the majority of my subsequent work was on web stuff.

Over the years since, I’ve done some iOS work for a now-defunct startup, and several web projects. Mostly I do server-side work, including devops things, and client-side if I have to. Unfortunately, I have had to of late.

I never really used the xojo forum. Based on experience with attempts to control the old Rb mailing lists , I am not suprised that the xojo forum has become what it appears to be now.

I feel a bit of sadness for xojo. I think, ultimately, that Geoff Perlman had the right vision for what xojo should be, and he almost realized it.


Glad to hear from you man. I owe you a lot as you taught me a lot, back in the day.

He taught me a lot too!

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A big thank you for your starting code on declares :slight_smile:

Warm regards

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When I saw the title I thought this thread was going to be about Jet Black