What app/game development tips have you found most useful?

I have a few internal thoughts that I use before I release software, and there was some helpful tips that were on the internet. Here are some tips that are specifically for games, and some for general programs. Do you have other tips that you use before releasing a program?

  1. Nobody every profited by shipping a bad game on time.
  2. Don’t force them to have your fun. They paid for the game, let them have their own fun.
  3. You are not ready to ship until the bug-found-rate is lower than the bug-fix-rate.
  4. If your design has more than 6 game systems, you are failing. (Edit: Game systems examples are- a) exploring, b) shooting, c) crafting, d) upgrading, and so on).
  5. Two rounds of feature cuts brings a game clarity and focus.
  6. Messaging to the player is essential. They need to know what they can do.
  7. Games are activities, not stories you write. Players write their own story by playing.
  8. Make the business case before you name the game/program.
  9. Save money and energy for promoting the game. Nothing is more sad than a good game nobody knows about.
  10. You are working in a fun factory. Smile. :grinning:

Any other thoughts?

If you cant make the pitch in 30 seconds its not focused (the elevator pitch)