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Interesting thread on the offic Forum

Let’s see how long it stays up …

It is night time now in Texas, so my bet is 5 more hours should be reasonable (unless one of the MVPolice guys decides differently).

On a side note: I stumbled on this forum quite by accident because of my recent Web 2.0 blog post. Is this the goal (to be secret), or can I mention this forum in e.g. a tweet?


Feel free to tweet about it - we are just a bunch of Xojo users & ex Xojo users who want to discuss freely incl also different tools.

Btw saw that B4A is free now … when will we see a Mac IDE?

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Thanks for the clarification! Don’t want to step on someones toes from the very start (maybe later :grin:)

This is indeed the one major drawback that keeps a lot of Xojo users to make the move. Although being very open about anything, at this point Erel doesn’t seem to be convinced yet of the need for it. I may be wrong and he may be working on it at this very moment.

The recent money injection from an investor and his (or his investors) will to concur the American market may push this forward in the timeline. Most of the time when he comes with a big surprise, they are always very pleasant so we’ll see…

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What would actually help users move is a document explaining what is available and what for (eg Banano etc).

Documentation about that is indeed scarce. I’m not a good ‘documentor’ myself I’m afraid. Unlike Xojo, which has a handful of plugin/lib makers, B4X has hundreds but all scattered around the forum. Once one knows it way, it is pretty easy to find what one needs. But absolutely right, there must be something better to do around this.

BANano is a Web framework I wrote that transpiles B4X code to Javascript/HTML/CSS. It can do anything Javascript does, but with a VB-like language. And it comes with all the advantages the B4X IDE offers, like live code swapping and using the Abstract Designer.

Unlike ABMaterial (my first Web framework), it does not depend on any CSS framework like Bootstrap, Vue, React, Materialize CSS, … ABM can be compared a bit to Xojos Web but instead of Bootstrap, I picked Materialize CSS.

BANano is a completely different beast. In fact, BANano could be used to write your own Bootstrap framework as it can handle everything to the lowest level. On the B4X forum someone used it to wrap the whole Vue environment.

I recently added BANanoServer, which makes the connection between BANano and a server complete. So in one app, you can mix sensitive server functionality (e.g. database access) with the speed of pure JavaScript on the browser side with BANano.

BANano is the part that Web 2.0 is missing. Because they don’t ‘transpile’ Xojo code to JavaScript, they now have problems like the canvas MouseDown events missing mentioned on the forum.

I do understand that completely, as round trips to the server would kill your app. This is stuff that needs to stay one the client side. I had a similar discussion back in the days about why MouseMove was missing in ABMaterial. The only way to solve this was by incorporating B4JS into ABM (B4JS was a prelude to BANano). Until they write a similar thing in Xojo Web 2.0, these arguments will keep coming back and refrain users from writing their WebApps in their tool.

On topic: well that topic on the official forum escalates fast :sweat_smile: Kind of starts coming back why I left that forum years ago…

I just started up with B4A
Im very very impressed how fast I have put together the core of an Android app.
I get frustrated at the choice of libraries though… nearly everything I find to use has been replaced by something else… its a bit of a goose chase to work out what is ‘the right way this week’
Definitely going to port to B4i when I have 90% of the feature set and business logic code tied down.
B$X is amazing value.

I dont understand why no Mac IDE when B4i needs so much else from the Mac

For B4A this is the best list to use for libs: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/subscribe-to-library-updates.25000/

I say best, not good. It is handy for the libs you already use to see if there is an update (most lib builders keep this list well up to date). But if you are looking for a new lib (for a new functionality), you’re right there is no good way to do this.

Several users have attempted to compile a list of available libraries, but all have been discontinued because of the lack of uniformity.

An official tool/webapp where lib builders should submit their lib before release (sort of free marketplace system) could be a great help. Something I may suggest to Erel…

On Topic: 5 hours and then it was closed. Did I win a new badge because of my good guess? :grinning:

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Mention it anywhere you want

There’s a discord group as well https://discord.gg/dGSaDk

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The only place where is a “secret” is in the other forum, where any mention disapears in minutes.

Things there move pretty fast and new things came too often. BUT, old things keep working (unles is because an Android change), Totally the opose to Xojo, where things are updated after many years and they just sstop working.

if you put http://www.ifnotnil.com in a reply ifnotnil is BLOCKED and your message wont be posted :stuck_out_tongue:

it relies on .Net and the roslyn compiler tool chain from MS which is NOT portable at all

if they ever made the Mac IDE then that is a product beyond Xojo scope, I really dislike in every way possible using a windows based window.
despite that, B4x in VMWare using unity mode, well, its getting close to being useable.
I am persevering with it and I have no doubt its going to get to the point xojo is no longer the first app I open up to do a little bit of coding, as sad as I am to say that.

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Its sad and every time I hear someone say they moving to something else I hear this in my head

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With parallels it is already beyond xojo. Trust me. Also on Linux with Wine works nice. J, A, I and Web with Abmaterial. Much niver cause of the functionality. And guess what: it runs. It works. And deployment is simple. No Parties with customers loud voice on telephone cause of MACOS Update and not running Apps. No Stuffs on IOS and Android. Running on Raspberry, Banana…there will not be a comeback. I guess, getting banned from xojo will also be the best for me cause xojo is loosing of time. Wasting. No sence.

Yes, Banano is really nice. I am using both: banano and Ab. Both are professional Work. And seamlessly inegrtatable in the Browser. No Problems, no terror and no forum Bans. Why there is less form traffic about it? Because there are less problems.

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Can B4J connect to SQLite, CubeSQL or MSQLServer???

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Does anybody really take CubeSQL seriously?

B4J can connect to SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle an many many others

There is a sample proyect called jRDC2 that does for free what CubeSQL charges 599.00 (or 14,000 yearly if you want to distribute a server)