Waveform graphic?

I seem to recall an example that showed the sound volume distribution of a sound file but I can’t find it - anyone remembers it? I‘m not even sure I use the right search terms … :exploding_head:

you mean like an equalizer displays ?

That sounds about right.

My basic problem is I don‘t know where to start. How do I even get the volume information for each time point?

its been 20 years since I had to deal with sounds and pcm data etc at that level

but a quick search of xojo forum for “equalizer” reveals a few bits that might be useful

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Thanks! Will have a look.

I used the MBS /AVFoundation/AVAudioEngine/Show Samples example which works fine and hoped it would be cross-platform Mac/Win/Linux as it uses RenderSamplesMBS which is


It compiles fine for Mac / Windows / Linux but then

  • it crashes for large files (like 1 GB movies)

While that is easily fixed by setting the example to run as a 64bit app on Mac there are still a lot of Win32 systems around

  • it doesn’t work on Windows or Linux - while RenderSamplesMBS is cross-platform, the functions used to get the data are Mac only

Anyone knows what I can use for Windows and Linux to get the samples? MBS is fine as I have them.

Finally found out that it is called a waveform … and now I can actually find some really useful information :wink:

Check SoundFileMBS class.
It helps to get samples cross platform.

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