Was the Chart class worth be added in Xojo?

Since some months, the Chart class has appeared in Xojo, seeming to take some resources on their part.

If those are native controls from each OS, I can see the benefit: we hardly can add extra controls to Xojo, unless using plugins.
But, if they aren’t, and since anyone could’ve (or already have) made charts using canvases (possibly sharing their class with other users), I fell they lost time they could’ve spent to other deeper issues.

I’m not saying I think charts are not useful for programmers; they certainly are. But still less than fixing primary bugs in the core product, IMO.

Just wanted to know why I’m the only one apparently thinking so…

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Its not
its a desktop canvas with a ton of code

Dim t As introspection.TypeInfo = introspection.GetType(chart1)

System.debuglog t.FullName
System.debuglog "t.IsSubclassOf canvas = " + Str(t.IsSubclassOf(GetTypeInfo(desktopcanvas)))

Bingo ! More shiny things ! Bean counter lists


Oh you’re not BUT its been said before that bug fixes dont sell new licenses
And therein lies the trouble

NO it might not sell a NEW USER a NEW LICENSE
But it WILL more than likely keep that EXISTING user buying
But they dont seem to care about that

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I did. For an upcoming app UI revamp, I made my own charts with canvases. In prototyping, I made a whole bunch of different variations too, some were actually much easier than I expected.

For those who don’t want to make charts themselves, there’s always the MVP who sells a plugin. I guess the shark is eating the remora after all.

I 100% suspect that the decision to focus on charts came from the top, the same person who decided “2.0 All The Things” was the “right” thing to do. After-all, he signs the cheques.

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if Xojo had actually focused on growing the community by implementing features and bug fixes that the community can’t solve themselves, we’d all be in a very different situation than now.

Instead it feels like mistake after mistake, to the point where the shark is eating its remora to survive, that’s not growth, that’s damaging the community even further.

But it doesn’t matter as ultimately, I don’t think the decision maker actually considers the community.

@Lynn is probably already regretting teaching me that phrase :slight_smile:

There is always at least one reason why someone is a genius! And if you are a genius you behave like one …

For a project released in 2013, after the release, I expanded the Statistics module, then I started to work on a Chart addition.

I fired LibreOffice to be sure to habe “market” desing. After sometimes, I realized they just need the Chart at each year’ end, and if they ask, I only have to explain (eventually create a pdf page) how to do that with … LibreOffice…

10 years later: they still not have asked avout that (but they loved the statistic addition).

For the current Xojo ? I loose hope long time ago.

And the taken direction does not please me too.

Take what some may name “the Desktop” revolution:
a project created in 2023 (with the current version) cannot be read with ancient Xojo version (how old ? Xojo 2021 ?)

This trand started with the Picture(i) feature added to support Retina/HiDPI.
So, I followed the trick and never drop any more an image file in the Navigation pane.

At last, my 2013 released project: I modify it using MacBook Pro m1/Xojo 2021r2.1, then load it for final testing and compilation in my i5/Xojo 2015r1.

And this i5 MacBook Pro have its screen… broken (probably the cable), so it works on an external 23" FHD screen. Go figure !