WARNING... iOS 15 and Xcode

I just updated my AppleTV to iOS15… now I cannot run any of my apps from XCode

The current device configuration is unsupported. This Apple TV
(4th generation) is running tvOS 15.0 (19J346), which is not supported 
by Xcode 12.5.1.
Recovery Suggestion: To run on this device, please update to a version of
Xcode that supports tvOS 15.0. You can download Xcode from the Mac App
 Store or the Apple Developer website.


What about Xcode 13, published yesterday?

It is supported but I could not get yesterday, only today I can see the Update.

Its not in the App Store I could only find 12.5, and the site to download the Beta, didn’t list it

Stupid AppStore… I just went back to see if it might be there now… It said [OPEN] which is what it says when you have that version already installed… .So I clicked to see what verison it meant… and then it changed to [UPDATE]…

Shitty Appstore at all

WOW… I started to DL Xcode13 at 10pm last night… it is now 7:30am… AND IT ISN’T DONE YET!

And over-all Xcode13 is like 2x slower than Xcode12… :frowning:

Xcode downloads have always been super slow for me. But then I’m on a cell data connection nearly all the time so an overnight download isn’t uncommon. Ask me how I feel about our 100GB test data downloads…

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I have a hi-speed cable connection… and it still takes almost 2hrs to update Xcode
Longer that it took to upgrade to Monterey

yeah Monterey & Xcode were painfugly to download
Can sympathize