Wails V3 Announcement

Exciting blog post about Wails. The Go alternative to Electron. I did a little research on Wails in November and determined that it was interesting but not helpful because it lacked multi-window support. Hopefully end of 2023 Q1 that will be reality and I like the new API proposals since they seem to make more sense.

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Neutralinojs is another one in this space I’ve been watching; supports multiple windows and generates exceptionally small binaries (backend is C++ and no embedded browser).There’s a nice discussion/comparison of Wails, Neutralinojs and Tauri here.

Benchmarks and comparisons of a number of these here.

Side note: I had also been looking at Dart/Flutter and was surprised to find that it didn’t support multiple windows; non-starter.

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well you’re used to multiwindow on mac/xojo, Discord or spotify are only one window afaik, it’s not necessary bad

Sure. It’s not a deal breaker but it does make things harder, IMO. But since I’ve been doing Mac and Windows app development for several decades not having the ability to have multiple windows in an app is less than ideal.

Thanks for the links. Interesting comparisons.