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Some people say they prefer VMWare over Parallels over VirtualBox.

I started with VMWare before I heard about VirtualBox. Been using VB for many years, it’s free and open-source (I think) so, from time to time there’s been a glitch along the way, but overall it’s been fine for my use.
What compatibility and performance issues have people encountered with VB?

Also curious what Docker is? What I’ve read is that it’s for virtual servers, but is it something that can be used on a desktop like the other VM software?

I have a 35mm slide scanner I’ve not been able to use since Snow Leopard (IIRC). Once I was running VB for other purposes (like, testing my Xojo app under Windows), I tried installing SL Server in a VM. The scanner, however, didn’t work. I think it was because the software that drove the hardware that moved the scanner head over the slide, accessed the hardware too directly, and that level of access didn’t work (properly) with SL Server under VB. Other than that, my Win7, Win10, and Mint VMs seem to run fine.

Did you only try it on VB?

Save reinventing the wheel just read this

Sentences like “glacially slow” and molasses should give you a clue!

Well, I don’t see any specifics there. I don’t base much credo in the unsubstantiated opinions of strangers. They’re probably right, but let’s hear what software they find slow, what are the speed differences? Any stats, graphs, etc.? 2nd thought, naw, forget that.

I’m more interested in what my friends here have experienced personally. :sunglasses:

Yet you’re on here publicly asking for the opinions of strangers? Then when you get a reply you dismiss it? :roll_eyes:

Lol. Unsubstatiated opinions. Also, I don’t consider people here to be strangers.

I used VirtualBox for a number of years for a very small number of VM-requiring projects. Recently, however, I’ve been working on a project that requires me to spin up many VMs of both macOS and Windows, and VirtualBox was a pain, especially for macOS. So I decided to give Parallels a try, and I will never go back. It’s just a much better experience.

Parallels is worth every penny, and right now there’s a bundle offer that gives you Parallels plus 10 other apps for less than the normal price of Parallels itself:

Thanks, Walter.
What specific things did you find difficult or painful?

Here my parallels runs Windows FASTER than my real PC
And I can use all 3 monitors etc

What specifically did you find slow on VB?

Yes, I couldn’t be bothered to try the other VM offerings.

(BTW, can I turn off this autocorrect? It must be being done in the webpage since I have such corrections turned off in Safari. It changed “bothered” to “noted” or something.)

I thnk Bob said the same after I suggested he try Parallels instead of VMWare
Its in a pre-release thread though

Recently ?
I havent even bothered to try it recently since I just update my Parallels and expense it
Parallels just makes so many things easy
Drag & drop between mac & VM, cross mounted file systems, multiple monitor support and such that the $90 a year it costs is peanuts

Gotcha. I haven’t had any issues with those things on VB.

Just to be clear, I have no issue paying for software, hardware, whatever it takes. I have $k’s of software and $10’s of k’s of hardware, I just enjoy the OS software world. If I can’t find what I need there, I’m ready willing and able to buy what’s needed. If I find an OS software product useful, I always send the author money for it.

I’m paying Apple to be a developer, and Xojo to have the tool. All for an app that I give away. So I’m not interested in paying MS more than was necessary to get Windows to test under, and if I can do that under a free VM I will, even though I agree it seems slow (even when hosted on an SSD). And I’ll pay Sam for AppWrapper, but I can’t be bothered to do that for Windows.

For the same reason I’m not paying for any plugins, specially as one has to buy them as bundles costing bundles, with no option for single items or small bundles at lower prices.

Makes sense
I might do the same if I were working on something like that as well

Well IMHO vmware mainly because of:

  • it’s fast (faster than VB)
  • it’s easier for desktop users/ developers
  • it’s quite easy to move your VMs back and forth with ESXi in Enterprises

Virtualbox has some advantages when using in CI/CD and automated enviroments

  • it’s headless
  • can be better scripted and controlled with Ansible, Vagrant (or Bash) and all the other stuff…

Regarding Parallels there is nothing I could add. I don’t use it, never did. To me it’s quite a stand-alone solution, something Mac-specific and not useable anywhere else. KVM and ESXi are the two main hypervisors in the industry. Try to stay compatible to at least one of them.

I prefer actually vmware products.

I tried Ubuntu / KVM on my Supermicro system. Here I had the problem getting the virtual switch running properly. I spent days looking for a proper config and ty to solve my error. Tried the ESXi sever. Installed and configured within an hour.

Also you can move VMs from a Fusion or Workstation to the ESXi server.

My experience with VirtualBox has always been terrible, as every virtual machine I managed to install would eventually get broken in less than 2 months, with cryptic messages informing the VM failed to start because of an error.
These errors were always “known issues” according to various forums, but for whatever reason, I encountered several of them…
Just forget to have a CD inserted in the host and a VM may refuse to resume, with VirtualBox, complaining the saved state can’t find a device. Good luck if you have this error because of a USB drive you actually formatted in the meantime…
And that’s a subset of the problems I had with this software.