Visual Studio on macOS Questions

Can I run Visual Studio on MacOS and use Basic as the coding language? Or is this limited in some way?

Visual Studio for Mac and Visual Studio 2022 (for Windows) are not the same code base. They aim for feature-compatibility but I don’t know what the story is for VB.NET on VS for Mac and it’s hard to research because some info is about the old version of VS for Mac, some is about VB6 and not VB.NET, but my main takeaway is “probably not”. Microsoft’s general attitude towards VB.NET these days is they will support it in a sort of benignly neglectful way (no new compiler support or features, no new project types). It isn’t really properly supported even on Windows anymore. MSFT has stated they see VB.NET’s core use in Windows Forms apps and in libraries and that is where they will allegedly invest to keep interop with C#, etc., working.

JetBrains on the other hand has said they will support VB.NET and move it forward in a first-class way, so you might have better luck with JetBrains Ryder than with Visual Studio for Mac. I would check out their latest toolchain and what they say about VB.NET (I haven’t looked at it in awhile). I’ve used Ryder for C# development and it is not very different from VS 2022. I haven’t compiled / run VB.NET code with Ryder but I have used it to review old VB.NET code and it seems to be quite aware of it and correctly does syntax highlighting, etc.

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No. And for what shall ist be good? The basic dotnet is a pain and that’s it. So MacOS is not Supported. You could use a VM windows installation and vs for windows. Then you can video your mac

Thank you for your detailed response. I’ll check it out.

I dont believe so
I only ever use it for C# and the only other choice that seems to be available for most new project types is F#

I’ll have to give this a whirl one day as well

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Visual Studio on macOS is just a renamed Xamarin Studio with a new GUI and a few extra features.

I think that was more or less true prior to about last year but they have rewritten it in .NET 7 pretty much from the ground up to bring the UI in line with macOS standards and to bring it to better feature parity with the Windows version. Or so they claim. I got tired around the middle of 2021 waiting for that evolution and jumped to JetBrains Ryder, which at least at the time was far more mature.