Visual Studio Mac

I’m taking VS Mac for a spin (not vscode, I already have that). I’m curious if someone can help me with the install. It has a section called “legacy”. Does that mean those features are also in the main download and those are there just for legacy purposes? I don’t have any old projects to support so I don’t need that. However, if they’re the only version of those tools I might wanna give them look see.

My experience so far, couldn’t log into my ms account via GitHub. In fact, they locked my account due to a “3rd party attempted access.” I eventually got that sorted out but I’ve already got that saccharin flavor of 1990’s Microsoft in my mouth.

I fiddled. I’m nonplussed.

Yeah if you dont have old Xamarin projects for android you shouldnt need that

And if you do eventually you can add it in later

Make sure to take the 2022 Preview…(not the old one)