Very Sad: Enterprise customers support the Mac App Store only

For those of us who make and sell Mac Apps, it’s already pretty hard. But this means unless you’re in the App Store, you won’t be selling to enterprise customers.

I wish the App Store team would get their hands out of their buts and seriously work on allowing more kinds of apps in a secure way. But as I’ve been wishing that since the introduction of the App Sandbox rule, I’m almost out of hope.

Maybe I’m reading this differently, but I thought they were talking about third party app stores - not third party apps. And I mean, I haven’t seen a third party app store actually take off…

I have only enterprise customers and I am selling to my customers on MacOS and I am not in the Appstore and I will never be in the Appstore for MacOS. There is no need for in my business (electronics development, 3D CAD, 3D CAM, Software Development, medical Device Software and so on). I believe that it is hard for many devs but if you are in the right market it will not bother you.

And for Apple it is not a question to allow alternative AppStore’s for MacOS and IOS. Starting with the EU Rules they learned fast that there is no discussion of Apples own rules. Last try was the USB-C Cables with special certification by apple. EU said: try it and we will teach you how expensive that can be.

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Could well be that we’re getting different take aways from it. My understanding is the Enterprises only support the Mac App Store and the Mac App Store doesn’t like what IMHO is becoming a significant segment of Mac apps.

Which means that because Enterprise customers choose the App Store, they’re giving Apple the power to dictate what apps Enterprises can and cannot use.

Ever since the App Sandbox, I’ve been petitioning for improvements that would allow more kinds of apps into the App Store, but just like Xojo, the App Store team don’t listen to customers and have done nothing to improve it.

Many of us need to make many more sales to be able to continue justifying how much effort it takes.