Ventura - should I upgrade or not?

I have been reading both pros and cons about Ventura… and I know some (all?) of the early issues may have been resolved by now.

My question is quite simple.

How much pain am I going to suffer if I upgrade?

I really only have one incentive at the moment…

I have upgraded my iPad/iPhone to iOS 16.4, and am running Xcode 14.2
however, I cannot compile and install (Swift) using that combination, it turns out that iOS16.4 requires that Xcode use version 14.3 and Xcode14.3 requires Ventura.

So what good and not so good things can I expect?

You can compile iOS projects for your devices again

After that no idea as my tests haven’t been pleasant so far

I have held off on Ventura and had my family also hold off … is it at least safe for plain old users and is there any upside for them?

I don’t have a need for the latest XCode at the moment since with this new gig all my JetBrians Ryder personal projects have gone dormant for lack of time. So it’s really just a question of, what sort of buggery will we encounter as ordinary mortal users, vs what wondrous new functionality is there that we Just Can’t Live Without / Didn’t Know we Needed?

More ! New ! Emojis ! ?

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I know we’ve experienced some VPN/security software issues with the latest version of Ventura (prior versions were okay). Otherwise, I’ve been using it on my M1 MBP with no issues. I don’t do heavy development of it any more so YMMV.

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I cannot connect to a client’s VPN from my Intel MBP, but I can from my M1 Mini.

It’s bizarre. So I connect via the Mini then use the Mini wifi sharing of the VPN to my MBP. It works but kinda wacky.

Norm also discussed displays blinking. I thought it was my USB C hub, but I get a blink like once a day or every other day. It could be Ventura.

Something is up.

My M1 Mini blinks whenever I sit down. I don’t even have to touch the desk, just the chair. Never happened to my iMac. I’m running Big Sur :confused:

I would never recommend upgrading a development machine to the latest OS version. You could partition the drive, that way if shit hits the fan, you can boot back into the older working version.

I keep my work and apps I need on a seperate partition, so they can be access from either OS version.

I would recommend that you have a Ventura installation somewhere, I’ve just had to fix Sleep Aid for 13.4 as Apple have once again changed something.

well seeing as my development was stymied without the upgrade… I bit the bullet.

Nice thing for me, unlike some of you, I have no clients to support, or previious versions of deployed software to deal with

Well I bit the bullet and updated since a few bits of software needed to be updated and they pretty much all required something newer


  • monitors blink like mad whenever I come back the the machine after it sleeps or restarts. this HAD gone away in an up[date I ran from an external bootable but its back in spades

I used to be able to put my favourite apps on the Finder toolbar. Now it wont let me (that I have found yet) Thanks apple for taking away one of my favourite things to make the Mac more iOS like
Apple changed HOW you do this but didnt remove it

  • the VPN software I used now no longer launches at all, despite grabbing the VERY latest from the developer (This one isnt no Apple as far as I can tell but the devs also dont seem to have kept up with Apples latest lockdowns of the OS so maybe a bit on both)

Weird. That works for me. Something is up with your install…

Ah no Apple changed HOW you do it :slight_smile:
Now you have to CMD+Drag the up there
Didnt need to do that before

So I have sorted this one out