Vanishing Control

I have created two custom controls in Swift… both are subclasses of NSTableView
If I put Control-A on a window… it works fine
If I put Control-B on a window it too works fine.

BUT… If I put BOTH Control-A and Control-B on the same window, Control-A all of a sudden vanishes. Best I can tell, for some reason the ContentView of Control-A gets a size of ZERO.

below is the ONLY difference, the FRAME for each are different… so it is not like one is obsucring the other…

// This shows ONLY control_b
// This shows ONLY control_a
// self.contentView!.addSubview(control_b)

the only thing the two controls have in common is they are both based on an NSTable embeded in a NSScrollView… but they are NOT the same subclass… each has a different visual display, and function… And like I said… they work singly, but not if both are on the same window

well not sure exactly what I did… but it now works… :slight_smile: