UTM, an FYI post

Github repository:

It’s available on the Mac Store for 10 bucks:

Brief blurb:
UTM is a full featured system emulator and virtual machine host for iOS and macOS. It is based off of QEMU. In short, it allows you to run Windows, Linux, and more on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.


  • Full system emulation (MMU, devices, etc) using QEMU
  • 30+ processors supported including x86_64, ARM64, and RISC-V
  • VGA graphics mode using SPICE and QXL
  • Text terminal mode
  • USB devices
  • JIT based acceleration using QEMU TCG
  • Frontend designed from scratch for macOS 11 and iOS 11+ using the latest and greatest APIs
  • Create, manage, run VMs directly from your device

Additional macOS Features

  • Hardware accelerated virtualization using Hypervisor.framework and QEMU
  • Boot macOS guests with Virtualization.framework on macOS 12+

I encountered an (annoying) limitation to the use of a virtualised macOS in UTM on Mac machines: Apple does not allow a user in a macOS, installed in a UTM VM on a Mac host (sic!), to log into the Apple account, thus preventing any beta testing without buying dedicated hardware for that. Seems to be an outdated policy to me. Chose qui fâche.

I downloaded it for free some months ago…

Seems useless to me.