Using Xojo to access photos library on connected iDevice

[Posting this here because I haven’t gotten any traction on the “official” forum.]

Is it possible with Xojo to access the photos library of an attached iPhone or iPad?


Not easily no
Since they dont mount as a simple mass storage device they arent “just a hard drive” you can read from (at least not any more - they used to be readable this way)

And yet, since the death of iTunes, an external iPhone DOES show up like an external hard drive if you have an iOS app that wants to share documents.
And its lousy - my customers despise having to plug in to get docs to and from my iOS app.
But there is no way to use a general documents folder or iCloud… :frowning:

Doesnt it only show for those apps ?
Pretty sure Apple has apis that can be used to access an attached iOS device
Dunno if MBS has any of those wrapped up into a plugin already
There are open source efforts like